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Smells and odors: If your problem is a nasty smell or unbearable Mothball Odor or would just like to know
how to get rid of the persistent whiff of Onions from your hands then this could be the place for you.

Perhaps you have a problem not covered here - then you can email us and we will post your question on the site.

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Mothball Odour in Furniture, Carpets and Fabric

Q: Skunk Smell on an Overcoat. My husband managed to get sprayed by a skunk and we would like to keep it - what can I do? -- Mary Mee Reply

A: Some Dry Cleaners have an Ozone Room. The combination of dry cleaning and Ozone Rooms should do the trick. -- B Burnside Comment

Question How to.........Remove Onion Smell from Hands? Hi, I came across your website by trying to find a way to remove onion smell from hands. I couldn't find anything on your website and was curious if you know, or if any of your "surfers" know how to get rid of this smell. I work as a manager at Subway, and we are always cutting onions and bell peppers, and I would love to know how to get rid of this smell on my hands and out of my hair!!!!!!!! That's all I smell everyday. Please help!!! -- Amber Reply 

A: How to remove Onion Smell from Hands?   To get rid of onion, pepper or garlic smells from hands, mix a ratio of two level tablespoons of baking soda to a glass of water and soak hands for 30 seconds to a minute.  Also great for getting rid of these smells/burning from mouth (rinse, don't swallow!). --  Tony W

Answer #2: how to get rid of smells on hands to get rid of seafood, fish, onion smell on your hands, pour two tablespoons of table salt into your palm, mix with a little water and wash hands with this mixture, rinse, and add a little lotion to your hands. The salt not only cleans the smell from your hands; but, it also sluffs old skin off and softens hands. -- Lena

Answer #3: Removing Onion Smell from Hands  EASY! Just run water over your hands while holding a stainless steel spoon or other utensil in your fingers. This has been working for my family for years. Ask a chemistry teacher if you want to know why it works.-- Reply   17/09/2005

Answer#4: Onion Smell. Use Carex hand soap. Works a treat!. -- tony.searle . Sep 4 2007

Answer#5: Onion Smell. While you are at the sink washing your hands, just rub them all over the faucet. I have also found that using hand sanitizer takes away the odor. -- Gerri LaVallee. 19/02/08

Answer#6: STINKY HANDS. I was reading about those smelly hands and all you have to do to get the onion smell off after you get through cutting is use a drop or two of dishwashing liquid and a little salt and rub for just a bit and rinse. Also if you are cutting an onion and bell pepper, cut the onion first then the bell pepper and rub your hands just a little with the pepper and no need to do anything the pepper does the trick. For shrimp smell use a little lemon juice and a little salt and rub and rinse. -- D2 Kelly 22 Dec 2002 (by courtesy of www.hints-n-tips.com)

Answer#7: Smelly hands. I keep the lemons and limes that have been squeezed beside the sink, the main use is to rub on my hands after processing fish or any other foods. You can also use them to cut the limescale around taps and plugholes. -- Rachel Dee 22 July 2003

Answer#8: I was always told to keep a lemon on hand, cut in half and squeeze juice on hands after cutting onion or garlic. the lemon juice would remove the onion or garlic smell instantly. -- Lisa (Lisa Steinberg) Comment 27 Sep 2010

Q: Cedar Chest I have a beautiful cedar chest that I inherited.  Unfortunately the previous owner put moth balls in it.  I can not get out the smell. I have sanded the cedar, washed with vinegar, put baking soda in it and aired it out.  Are there any other suggestions? Thank you, -- Heather  Reply (Ref:0051)

A: Cedar Chest. Are you sure it's mothballs you're smelling? Cedar and camphor chests have a similar smell. Those woods were used to make chests because of their insecticidal properties, which is why the wood is usually unfinished on the inside. If you really hated the smell, you could varnish or seal the inside of the chest, but it sort of defeats the whole purpose of the chest! -- Gwynneth Jones  Reply Jan 2 2006

A: Cedar Chest Odor. Dear Heather, Just saw your post, don't know how old it is or if you have worked it out yet, but try old crumpled up newspapers. The ink will absorb most odors. Try it for about 24 hours and see if that works. It will take out mold odors and musty smells. May work on cedar. Good luck. -- Mary . Aug 30 2007

Q: Cleaning Clothes with Lycra  Does anyone know how to remove the smell of sweat that seems to become permanent in shirts with Lycra after only a few wearings? -- Lori Ewing Reply

Paint Smell in the House: Recently painted house inside with flat and oil based paint. what besides trying to air out the house can be done. i would appreciate your help -- nancy  "Nancy Budenz" Reply  

Q: Smoke odors  I recently had a fire in an apt. Soot, grime all over but furniture salvageable. How do I get rid of smoke odors in clothing and pillows?  Reply 

A: Soda. When you wash your clothes put soda in the wash water and store them until smoke smell is out of your apartment. The firemen used my apartment for ventilation, so I got all the smoke from burning apartment across the hall. I hope this helps.-- Nancy A. Chiafos. 8/03/08

Q: Smoke and furniture  Hello, I just purchased Some wood furniture from a friend. The furniture is beautiful, but when I got it home My house smells of smoke. What can I use  to clean the nicotine off the furniture without harming it. Reply 

Q: Odours. Regular cellulose kitchen sponges tend to get smelly, and the odor transfers onto your hands when you use the sponge. We have found that a spray of Febreeze (or any fabric odor remover, I would imagine) keeps that nasty odor away. -- Reply (Ref:0644)

Q: Old Clothes  Does anyone have a tip for getting rid of the musty smell in old or second-hand clothes. I collect old suits but even after dry cleaning I still can't get rid of the faint smell. Any ideas? Christyan Fox Reply  (Ref:0645)

Q: Perspiration Odor on clothes Hi; Does anyone know how to get perspiration odor out of 100% polyester blouse? I just bought a used blouse and have washed it twice trying to get rid of it and I can still smell it. Help! -- Marilyn "Jerry Stordahl" Reply  (Ref:0677)

Q: Urine Smell Dear old Dad has reached an age and state of mind where everywhere is a fitting place to pee except the toilet. He is particularly fond of carpeting. How can I remove the urine, or least the odor, from carpeting and other absorbing materials? -- Dave in Topanga Reply  (Ref:0598)

Answer ref 0598: This is the same response as to #002 for the blood-a product called "A Clear Choice" is a miracle when it comes to removing urine smell-and stains-from carpet and clothes, or furniture fabric. It is non-toxic and odor free so there's no worries about leftover chemical smells and toxic fumes indoors. You can mix directly into a carpet machine with water and it'll work miracles. You can also spray directly onto smaller areas with no scrubbing and rub with your finger to activate, then blot with cloth and the stain (and smell) is gone. Also spray on stains on clothes, rub with fingers, wash as usual, and no more stains! It is sold in the supermarket on the cleaning supply aisle, but if not you can contact them for more info at www.aclearchoice.com . It also comes with a 100% money back guarantee if it doesn't live up to your expectations. Not too many products or tips can take away the smell of urine in carpet and fabrics, let alone keep it away, but this works. Even old stains and smell. -- Tara W Reply  18th April 2004

Q: Paint Thinner Odor on Car Seat How can i get rid of Paint Thinner odor I spilled on my car seat. As  soon as I spilled it I got out the Bissel Green Clean Machine, sucked  up what I could, and used their cleaner on the seat. I then sat the car  out side w/ the windows down and everything.  Thank you Reply  (Jonathan Rundle)  (Ref:0614)

Q: Paint smell in the house  Recently painted house inside with flat and oil based paint. what besides trying to air out the house can be done. i would appreciate your help nancy Reply  (Nancy Budenz)   (Ref:0615) 

Q: Perfume atomizer  Does anyone know how to remove old perfume (liquid and odor) from a glass atomizer? --  "Snyder, Mary Ann" Reply  (Ref:0625)

A: Perfume Atomizer. A long time ago I read to use alcohol--put it in the bottle and use the atomizer. Good luck --Fran Bornosghere Dec 13 2006

Q: Stale tobacco odor My husband has recently stopped smoking in our home. However, my entire house stinks so bad. I would really appreciate suggestions on removing stale smoke odor from virtually everything I own. Thanks, Karen Reply  (Ref:0518) 

Q: Stale Smoke Odor How would you suggest I get cigarette smoke odor out of old furniture? I've tried several things and they helped, but did not get rid of the smell. Judy Clawson  Reply (Ref:0407) 

Q: Odor from Fireplace Smoke. Our living room was filled with smoke when we were lighting a fire in the fireplace and the damper was not completely open. We have been unable to rid the house of the odor caused by the smoke. Any suggestions? -- Reply "REBECCA HUNTER" (Ref:0412)

Q: Bad mildew. Can you help get of a very bad mildew odor in my bath room ceiling due to a leak that that might have been around for a year or so that was just detected and repaired wet flooring and beams giving off strong odour can you help thank you Reply  

Q: My daughter burnt popcorn in the microwave, how do I remove the stains and odor. -- Reply (Ref:0459) 

Q: How can I get rid of Lighter Fluid smell on clothing?

Q: Bleach Odor.  How do you get bleach odor off your hands? Thanks, Peggy -- Reply (Peggy Staley) (Ref:0461) 

Q: Wedding Dress I recently purchased a wedding gown for my daughters wedding in October of 2001. I must store in my home until it is time for the alterations, which is 3 months prior to the wedding. Do you have any suggestions on how to keep the dress, bead work and lace from yellowing? The dress is made of 100% polyester. Also, there are smokers in the house, and how do we prevent any smoke odors from absorbing into the gown? Thank you, Reply  (Ref:0026)

A: Smoking and Wedding Dresses : Do you have a place that is pretty airtight or away from the house? Wrap the dress to airtightness w/ natural lavender or whatever for bugs & other smells (like plastic wrap), & put it in a closet that isn't close to the smoking. Send the smokers outdoors but that still won't eliminate it all. Store it at someone else's house. Store it at the store you got it from. Don't do mothballs or other chems; they'll just be worse. Hope it helps; research. -- bobbi koch  Reply Apr 21 2006

Q: Spilled milk - Odor in my car

Q: Mattress Odour Hi there! I recently bought a mattress from the paper and it had never been slept on - in fact it was still in the plastic wrapping. My problem is that it was stored under the seller's house and it must have been musty. The smell has penetrated the fabric of the mattress and nothing that I do will get rid of it.  I've tried baking soda twice, two applications of an Australian product called "Febreeze" which is a fabric deodorizer and have also tried carpet deodorizer. The smell has been covered up with more pleasant smells, but still remains. Can you give me any advice to eliminate the musty smell completely. It is an inner-spring Queen mattress covered with a satin quilting. thank you in advance Sara Martin, Reply (Ref:0380)

Reply:  Query# 0380 -- Mildewy odor in mattress I live in a moist, marine-tropical area where mildew and its odor is a constant problem. I've tried and pretty much exhausted any and every remedy but, for deeply-penetrated odors, I've found nothing to contradict the following from a rather authoritative Web site: "If mold is growing deep in the padding of an upholstered piece or in a mattress, nothing will eliminate the mold or odor except renovation by a trained upholsterer or replacement of the item." Like you, any product or method I've tried only covers up or reduces the odor but never completely eliminates it. -- Comment/Reply  (Cunamara Enterprises) 14 Nov 2002

Q: Mattress Odour. - Hi there did you have any success with removing the smell from your mattress as i am in the same boat and i cant get rid of the musty smell. i am at my wits end now im prepared to try anything thanks phil n.z -- "Feilipu" Reply 28/09/09

Q: Deodorising smelly silk

Q: Gasoline spill. I spilled gasoline on my garage floor, and some seeped into a crack in the Concrete. Short of ripping up the floor, how can I get rid of the smell? My Dog sleeps in the garage, and I have to keep him inside. -- Reply (Ref:0012)  

Q: Urine Odours. We just recently moved my grandmother to nursing home and we cannot get the urine odor out of her bedding and some clothing. Any suggestions would be helpful. Reply  (Ref:0278)

Q: Elimination of Cat Urine Odor My Male cat has recently been urinating on my carpets. Is there a home remedy or store bought remedy I could use to eliminate the odor? - "Brendan Walsh" Reply (Ref: 0083)

A: Pet Odors: This is for anyone that has a problem with pet stains and odours - even skunk. "Nature's Miracle" is fantastic!! It can be bought at Pet Smart. It is to be used full strength. It's rather expensive, but it does the trick. We have a dog and has been great for the occasional accident so don't know how well it would work on cat pee. But, it did work on removing the skunk odor from our deck and shrubs that got sprayed one night. It's really terrific stuff!! -- Mary Frankenfield  

A: The best way to remove pet odor & stains 
The best way to remove pet odor and stains out of carpet is to use Pet Stop. It is long lasting, safe and great for home or professional use. Veterinarian approved. -- Kelley O'Brien -Atlanta, GA "www.ePetStop.com  

Q: Stinky Washing machine. hi does anyone know how to get rid of a damp smell in my washing machine. at the moment i have to keep the door shut or it stinks out my kitchen........!!!!!!!!! thanx claire -- Reply (Ref:0685)

Q: Spilled Cologne My daughter spilled a whole bottle of cologne in her bathroon. How can she get rid of the strong odor? Thanks, Sharon -- Sharon Doliner Reply (Ref:0686)

A: For the smell of cologne try rubbing alcohol. It neutralizes the cologne smell. Tara W.   18th April 2004

Q: Help! Unpleasant Leather Odor I bought a pair of leather motorcycle chaps that have a very unpleasant odor. I have tried many things, including hanging them up to air out for an extended period of time. Nothing has worked. The chaps are not lined and the inside is rough "suede"-like finish. Any suggestions?? -- Robin Niell Reply (Ref:0688)

Q: Smoke. I have got a second hand couch. It stinks from cigarette smoke. What can I do??? Peggy.-- "Peggy" Reply (Ref:0014)  

Q: Gasoline Odors Out of Clothes???   Hi, I need help getting gas odors out of some clothing, I have tried mean green, Amway products, stain removers, and washed and wash with no results anyone got an idea or KNOWS please respond  Thank you -- Debbie Martin Reply Mar 11 2005 (Ref:1091)

Tip: Bleach Smell: To remove bleach smell from hands (and that slimy feeling) pour a little vinegar or lemon juice over your hands then rinse. (bleach is alkaline, vinegar and lemon are acid, so they cancel each other out and balance the pH of your skin.) -- Candace Downing   Apr 11 2005

Q: Mildew Smell. We recently had carpet and vinyl installed in two new rooms. On day two, my husband put the washer and dryer onto the vinyl, and as luck would have it he forgot to hook up the washing machine. Our daughter then went in and started a load of clothes and before we knew it we had about an inch of water sitting on the vinyl and about two feet of our carpet was also soaked. We used a dry vac to clean up as much water as possible from the carpet, but now a week later we still have a mildew smell in the room. My question is, "How can I get that mildew smell out of the carpet?" It is driving me crazy, because now if we leave the door to the room open it affects the rest of the house! Any tips you can offer would greatly be appreciated! Thank you -- "Veronica Carreon" Reply  (Ref:0397)

A: Mildew Smell from Carpet. Steam clean or clean with rubbing alchol (color test first). this will kill the mildew spores. follow up with Febreeze. -- Tracy Storey' Oct 12 2006

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