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A bad smell coming from your sink?

Q: Stinky sink! I am single and do not know how to get rid of that terrible stink in the sink. I get to where I close out both sides because the smell gets so strong. I do not leave anything in the disposal. I have tried baking soda, it does not even touch the odor. Running hot water and ammonias does not do anything. What can I do to get rid of this terrible odor??? -- Help! "Linda Van Gelder" Reply  Ref0061

Answer #1 : Bi-carbonate sprinkled in the sink and add vinegar. It will fizz and should reduce the smell -- Anon Comment 

Answer #2: Chlorine Bleach diluted 1:1 is usually effective. Sometimes the smell is due to insufficient water in the "traps" or "U bends".  These are designed to hold water which stops the foul gas from the drains and sewer coming back up -- Alistair Comment 

Answer #3: I replied to a question that the woman asked about stinky sinks. I went to www. google.com  to ask about getting a grease stain out of carpets and I found your site. Great site! I told the lady that if she puts chicken bones in her disposal and runs it real good that will keep her blades sharp and take a lot of the odors out and then run cut up lemons in the disposal and that the acidity in the lemons will take a lot of the odor out and keep it out. A butcher told me this years ago and it works. Thanks again for this terrific site you have. -- Nonie Conklin Comment 

Answer #4: Foul odor in sink Try orange peels. Leave for about an hour then turn the disposal on -- Twins Brats  Comment 

Q: Sink smells. What's the best way to deodorize sink drains made of PVC? -- Lisa Rae   Reply (Ref:0029)

Answer #1: Ordinary Chlorine Bleach. It will quickly neutralize smells coming from sinks undiluted or diluted 1:1. Sometimes sinks smell because the water trap in a "u bend" is not effective, it may have evaporated or leaked out. -- Comment 

Answer #2: 15 Stinking Sink Solutions: - A not very serious answer -- you might find this funny

Unanswered Questions

Q:  Foul odours from sink.   My kitchen sink has foul odours coming up from the drain, which is attached to the garbage disposal. (The other side of the split kitchen sink is fine.)   If I run water down the drain for 30 seconds or so, the odours will decrease for a short period of time, however they do return. Is there anything that I can put down the drain, on a periodic basis, to eliminate or reduce these odours? Thanks much. -- "Craig Kasseckert" Reply  (Ref:0061

Q: Sink smells. What's the best way to deodorize sink drains made of PVC?  Reply (Ref:0029)

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