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Removing Skunk Smell from a Dog

Q: Skunk Smell Twice during the past 3 months we have had a skunk who seems to like hanging around our back door. Our dog got sprayed the first time and the whole house smelled of skunk for weeks - the other day my husband went outside and he, himself was sprayed by a skunk - now once again the whole house smells again - it seems this oil transfers onto and into everything - even the clothes hanging in the front hall closet. Tomato juice does nothing! Can someone help us to get rid of this terrible smell? -- "Phyllis Giesen" Reply 27 Oct 2002(Ref:0317)

Answer#1: Skunked. Hi, I have had dogs my whole life. Use 1 quart dilute *hydrogen peroxide*, 1/4 C. baking soda, and a little dawn dish detergent. Wipe the skunk oil off first with newspaper, but since you have already given your pup a bath. Wet him/her first, mix all together in a bucket, pour over dog, rub in and let set on dog for a while. Then shampoo with more dawn. Also if your dog ever gets sprayed in the face, rinse eyes and mouth with cool water to stop the burning. Also watch for vomit in the first 15 minutes. If this happens get your dog to the vet. -- nancy potucek.

Caution - Mixing cleaning products can be dangerous also if you use Hydrogen Peroxide on animals or humans it should be very diluted (less than3%) and carefully rinsed off afterwards. -- Webmaster

Answer#2: Skunk Smell. I had to respond. I heard that Massengil (yes! Massengill) works wonders! I think when I heard about it, the person recommended the Spring scent. I'd love to try it to see for myself!! -- S. L. Hood  Reply F

Answer#3: Skunk Smell. They say to remove the smell of skunk from a dog or cat is not tomato juice. My cat got skunked and I called my Vet he said the best thing is dishwashing soap. The spray from the skunk is an oil based spray and the best thing is dish washing soap, dish washing soap has a special agent in it to get rid of grease from your pots and pans and plates, well it works the same way with the oil from the skink. I tried the tomato juices as she got sprayed early in the morning I then tried the baby wash bath soap and finally got hold of my Veterinarian and he told me about the dishwashing soap and that most certainly worked - hope this helped. -- 'Dave and Jan Bigg' 31/12/07

Answer#4: A friend of mine also had the same problem. If you can get the dog to sit still long enough, then cover the dog with tomato juice and then rinse him. The acid in the tomatoes takes away the smell -- K Taylor   

Answer#5:  Skunk Smell If you're trying to remove the skunk smell from your dog...try bathing him in tomato juice...works like a charm. -- Valerie Press Reply

Q: DESPERATE!!!!!! Skunk smell.PLEASE, HELP!!!!! A skunk got under the house & liberally sprayed. The entire house absolutely REEKS. How do you remove the smell. Pamela J White Reply     

Q: Skunked!!!!  Hello, My dog just got sprayed by a skunk. We gave her a bath, rubbed tomato juice all over her, prayed, begged and the poor dog still stinks!! What can we do? Do you have any tips? Appreciate your help. -- Adéle Shaffer  Reply

Q: Skunk smell. My dogs got into a skunk & ran through the house. Any ideas on getting this smell out? -- C McInt Reply  (Ref:0275)


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