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Tips on Saving Money On a Daily Basis

The issue of saving money has always worried average citizens. Now, when the Global Financial Crisis has worsened the situation, the importance of accurately counted budget and well-considered spending of money is brought into the forefront. That’s why it’s highly essential to learn to save money. The following tips helped me to save money on a day to day basis. Believe me, it’s easier that you think, just try it:

Make Lists

Whenever and wherever you go shopping, make a list of the products you REALLY need. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a full cart of so-called impulse stuff and an empty wallet. After I got trapped into a similar situation once, I started to make lists, and, surprise, I don’t need as much as I used to buy.

Home Food Rules

When you spend all day at work you definitely don’t feel like cooking once you return home. I absolutely understand you but that’s the right way to success. Count how much you spend eating out and compare it with the cost of home food. Impressed, yeah? I cannot but mention lunch time at work. Why not to take a snack from home? Do it at least three times a week and you will see the difference

Make a Budget

Count your total income, then take a piece of paper and make a list of monthly costs (bills, mortgage payment, fuel cost, movie, café, etc) with the proposed sum of money to spend. Your task this month is not to exceed the number in the budget list

Credit Card Is Evil

Well, I exaggerate, of course, but there is something in these words. Pay for everything in cash, this prevents you from overspending. If you cannot stop using the credit card at all, at least restrict its usage.

No Fees. Be Responsible

What you need is to get organized. I personally set for myself a deadline that is five days earlier that an actual deadline. Several months and it turns into a money-saving habit.

Set Goals

I think it’s useless to save money if you have no a definite goal. My husband once said: “I want to buy a car in 6 month”. And since then we knew what we were saving for. I would advise to set short-term goals, otherwise you may get disillusioned soon.

Save On Fuel

Oh, that’s a sore point for most. The first step to success we made was to change a car for the one that consumes less fuel. Besides, we use only one car instead of two most time. At the weekend we used to drive to the countryside, now we spend free time walking or riding. That resulted even more effective that we thought at first.

Stay Away From Lavish Friends

Yes, they are nice people, but their habits oppose your money-saving purposes. They will never support you as their principle is “live your live today and don’t think about tomorrow”.

Look Back and Make Conclusions

After a couple of months of your new life look back and make conclusions about your first results and success. All the tips are individual, and you don’t have to follow all of them. So, re-evaluate the tips according to your personal situation.

Work, Work and Work

Don’t you think that it’s possible to save earning little? Develop your professional skills, climb career ladder and earn more. Successful people attract money.

These tips are based on my personal experience and I will be really glad to know that they could help anybody else to learn to save money. Good luck!

Olga Jovanic

The above ten tips from Olga are basic but important ones and amount to a workable system. We at TheTipsBank would welcome feedback from people who have applied Olga's principles. -- Comment -


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