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MLM - Multi Level Marketing is claimed by the industry to have produced over 30% of US based millionaires.

Like any business MLM takes time and effort and understanding of the business.

The most obvious advantage of MLM is that it generates a RESIDUAL INCOME. There are some people who are receiving income from people they recruited 20 to 30 years ago.

The hype and promotional advertising surrounding some of the schemes puts many off but there are genuine opportunities for those willing to study the nature of the business and put in the effort. Much of the money made by successful MLM people is from the recruits who are often encouraged to purchase promotional material; tapes etc. in addition to stocks of product that sometimes remain unsold in garages and attics for decdes.

Affiliate Programs

Operating a Website is an opportunity to cash in on your traffic via affiliate advertising thru banners, pop-ups, textual and other forms. We have found that contextual advertising using Google Adsense to be the best and most successful form of banner program for a medium traffic site such as ours.

The best performing advertising banner we have found to be for Dating Sites, however it will depend on the nature of your site and the profile of your visitors which ones perform best.


Perhaps the safest business type for a newcomer. The franchise model is well proven and there are many successful franchisors and franchisees out here.

Research your business, do not go for the first one that comes along



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