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Bad Odors

Bathroom Smells. To help get rid of 'bathroom' smells, instead of using air fresheners, try striking a match, (regular not safety) sounds strange but very effective. -- Richard Russell.

Doggy Smells. To get rid of the smell on your dog, instead of using expensive dog shampoos, use a tomato (i personally use tomato puree in the same way as you would use regular dog shampoo) this will rid your dog of its smell for about six months and your dog will love you for it.

A dogs smell is the reason why some dogs will roll in about anything that smells different to itself, so by getting rid of its natural smell it won't have the urge to roll in anything. Relax, your dog won't smell of tomatoes, it won't smell of anything, can also be used on your self if you have a strong body odour.
p.s. A VERY IMPORTANT p.s. if your dog has light hair, i wouldn't recommend using puree, as you will end up with a pink dog, unless you want to spend a couple of hours rinsing him out, fortunately the dog smell will still be gone.
-- Richard Russell.

Onion Smell: To remove the strong odor of onions from your hands, hold a stainless steel spoon in your hand while running water and rub your hands as though the spoon were soap. Silly, but it works --  Gene Scully

Smelly hands. I keep the lemons and limes that have been squeezed beside the sink, the main use is to rub on my hands after processing fish or any other foods. You can use them to cut the limescale around taps and plugholes. -- Rachel Dee

STINKY HANDS. I was reading about those smelly hands and all you have to do to get the onion smell off after you get through cutting is use a drop or two of dishwashing liquid and a little salt and rub for just a bit and rinse. Also if you are cutting an onion and bell pepper, cut the onion first then the bell pepper and rub your hands just a little with the pepper and no need to do anything the pepper does the trick. For shrimp smell use a little lemon juice and a little salt and rub and rinse. ~~ D Kelly

Odors on hands: To get rid of onion, pepper or garlic smells from hands, mix a ratio of two level tablespoons of baking soda to a glass of water and soak hands for 30 seconds to a minute.  Also great for getting rid of these smells/burning from mouth (rinse, don't swallow!). --  (TonyW)

Garlic odor on hands: To rid your hands of garlic odor, rub a piece of stainless steel while washing your hands. It works like a charm everytime! Sincerly, -- Leah Chamberlin

Hint for removing smells from your hands. To remove the smell of garlic, onions, or anything else, rub your hands with a stainless steel spoon under cold running water (like you would with soap). Then you can wash the smell off the spoon with soap and water. -- Julia   

Removing odors from hands. To get rid of onion or garlic smells from hands, wet your hands in running water and then rub your fingers and palms briskly on the silver metal of your sink faucet. If you have a stainless steel sink to rub your hands on, that is even better. Wash hands normally afterwards with hand soap and water. -- Judy jcarra   

To remove bad odors from your hands, such as onion or garlic, rub your hands in used coffee grounds. I learned this from a perfume store that had a bowl of coffee grounds to rub into your hands after trying the different scents. It works for almost any odor. Then, of course, to remove the coffee smell, you'll need to use soap and water! -- Kelly Jimenez 

For removing onion, fish, or whatever smells from your hands. No need to buy any fancy gadgets or metal stones. Turn on the faucet, wet your hands and run them back and forth along the water spout (using wringing motion). After a couple of passes, you will find that your hands now smell fresh and clean. -- Patti Duke   

Getting pee out of kids clothes My son has a problem about wetting the bed i have found that if you take  your regular washing stuff and add a can of  cheap cola  to your laundry it takes the pee smell out. It also works great on  getting greasy stuff out of clothes just let the clothes soak for about 30 mins. for both and when you dry them they will not come out smelling like pee.  ~Sabrina~ Michael Matthews 13 Oct 2003 

Kitchen Sponges - A little Oxy- bleach will kill the smell -- Orin

Clothes Burned in House Fire: To get smoke smell out (or skunk smell,) I have found that the only thing that works is taking clothes, etc to a dry cleaner that has an "ozone room." They do not dry clean the clothes -- they put them in a room with these hydrocarbons (or fluorocarbons, not sure which it is) and it removes the smell. This is the only thing that worked for me when a skunk got in the basement of a rental home & sprayed. -- LMN

Musty smell. Hi, I own a 50-year old home that, in a couple of the bedrooms, there is a constant "musty" smell.  Is there a product or home remedy out there that will help to eliminate this odour? -- J. Posser

Answer: Musty Smell. Two parts cornflour and 1 part borax  -- Kath Lutein

Pee Smell in Washing. Add a can of  cheap cola  to your laundry it takes the pee smell out. -- Sabrina

Smelly Shirts - To get rid of a lingering body odour on our menfolk's shirts we occasionally pre-soak them in a vinegar solution - Anne Timmerman Leicester England

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