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Cleaning Microwaves and Ovens

A microwave oven will function better when clean. Regular (once a week) cleaning is a good idea.

As usual prevention is the best strategy. Never allow anything to burn as it will coat the inside with a horrid, smelly coating that is the very devil to remove.

It is also possible to buy up-market models that are self-cleaning. The lining has properties that catalyse or pyrolyse the dirt.

Cleaning Microwave. To get the stains off the inside of a microwave, put a slice of lemon in a bowl of water in the microwave for five minutes. it wipes off really easy and smells nice! -- Ben Higham.

Very badly stained or smelly microwaves can be cleaned by attaching bleach soaked cloths or kitchen towels to the stained surface. You can also use a nylon scrubber or eraser pad (Scotch-Brite Pad or JML Magic Eraser Pad) with a mild detergent. If using a spray avoid spraying on and into the perforated area.

If you used the boiling lemon or vinegar method then reuse the liquid along with a few drops of detergent on a cloth or pad.

Deodorising- Boil some water containing some vanilla flavoring, real or synthetic, allow it to remain overnight. You can also disguise the smell by boiling coffee grounds. These methods can help somewhat but I prefer wiping in baking soda paste (not baking powder) leaving for some time then wiping off -- D M

Ammonia Fumes Help Oven Cleaning: Leave a small dish with some ammonia in your oven for 24 hours and the caked on grease will be much easier to remove -- Davina Martin.

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