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How to REALLY Clean Out Your Closets

I was finding myself with overflowing closets and dressers, despite feeling like I was constantly cleaning them out, arranging them, and sending things off to charity. I finally realized that I was not being truthful with myself about what I could ever wear again, size-wise. We'd all like to think "I'll fit back into that one day." but it rarely happens.

So this is what I did:

1) Picked a day 6 months out on my calendar - blocked it and circled in RED
2) Bought a huge roll of duct tape
3) Piled every last piece of clothing I owed (even lingerie) on my bed.
4) Placed a LARGE piece of duct tape in either the crotch or the armpit of every last piece of clothing.
5) Sorted and put them away as usual
6) When THE BIG RED DATE hit, anything that hadn't been worn still had duct tape in it. And therefore, was relegated to the charity bin, without mercy.

It was tough, and I really thought I'd feel bad and/or lose weight drastically shortly after and suddenly miss everything that I'd sent away. But the first few times I got done with laundry and had plenty of hangers for everything, or the first time I didn't have to move a large storage tub of clothes to get to something else, it was AWESOME!

Hope this helps someone! - Tiffini S.
Pekin, IL USA

*No trees were killed in the sending of this email, but a lot of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.

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