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Tips on Cleaning Gutters

Cleaning Gutters - The bottom of plastic bottle can be cut to make a perfect scoop for cleaning out these pesky leaves that clog our guttering at this time of year. A diagonal cut is best -- D. Ferguson Adelaide Australia 12 October 2009

Cleaning Gutters - Use a Pressure Cleaner. A nozzle fitting on a hose pipe at mains water pressure can be used if you do not have a pressure cleaner, Unfortunately there will be a mess to clean up on the ground afterwards.

Clean around the outlet hole by hand then spray away in the opposite direction. - Use a bundled up piece of rag to stop the dirty water running back towards the outlet - Karim Devji

Avoiding Blockages in Gutters. I obtained some perforated galvanised steel and cut a square about 5 inches by 5 inches, hammered it into a curve to fit the curvature of the guttering and placed it over the outlet hole. Never had a problem since -- Andy Blocke Swindon UK

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