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The Way to Achieve a Spotless Toilet Bowl

The Bare Bowl Method -

What's the best way to remove stubborn stains from toilets? The first thing to do is to empty the bowl of most of its water using one of three methods:

  • Take a bucket of water and pour it rapidly into your bowl — this drives most of the water down by sort of a manual flush — enabling you to work directly on the stains.
  • Another method — the most convenient — is to take a bowl brush and ram the water in a controlled way down the toilet trap ten or fifteen times until all the water's out except a little pool at the bottom.
  • A third way you can do it is to take a plunger and plunge the water down the trap.

In each case, your objective is the same: emptying the bowl so you can work. Then sprinkle the inside of your bowl liberally with cleanser and give it first a general cleaning using a bowl brush. Rinse the bowl by taking water from that little pool at the bottom. Then take your pumice stick and work directly on the deposits. The pumice stone is a great tool because it is softer than the porcelain but harder than the deposits — it won't scratch the bowl; but wet it before using it to be safe and to make it easier to use. Work until all the rings and stains are gone. Allen Rathey

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Removing Scale Build-Up in the Bowl - The best method is to completely empty the bowl of water first then to use domestic grade limescale remover.

To empty the bowl: First get a good pair of rubber gloves, always buy the exra long ones, this is most certainly a task where the extra length is useful. I use a bucket and a large sponge to empty the bowl after I have removed as much as I can by plunging or scooping.

A badly scaled bowl may need more than one application. You can use some fluid soaked tissue laid over the stubborn bits and wait quarter of an hour or so if simply brushing is too slow. -- Laila Steven

Ring in Toilet.  pumice didn't work - CLR didn't work - ZUD worked.  -- LCD   (Elsie Dawkins)

Cleaning Toilet Bowls. To remove toilet stains, use a pumice stone and rub hard, It will not scratch and works well- did on my toilet bowl after 20 years of build-up -- James A Boyle 


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