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Fruit Flies . Two things i have done that worked:
1. If you have wine in the house, pour a small amount in a short cup overnight, they will come to it and drown.

2. If you don't want to waste good wine on bugs then use a small amount of apple cider vinegar. Like i said this worked for me. -- Elsa Miles

Subject Bees and Wasps: Use vodka to kill bees and wasps (yellowjackets), you can use a trigger spray bottle. -- David Martin.

No Bugs in Grain or Flour  Add one or two fresh bay leaves to each bag. No bugs and no flavor transfer. -- jeanna hawley

Tip for Preventing Roaches A great way to repel roaches is to sprinkle bay leaves in corners, under the refrigerator, behind the oven and anywhere else they may hide. Replace older bay leaves with fresh ones periodically. This method works better than any pesticide I've ever tried.-- Kathy Mills

Biting Insects. When travelling to a country where you know you may have problems with biting insects, take vitamin B6 before and during your trip. Insects do not like it. -- Sean Kay" Caution do not exceed safe doses -- Ed

Avoid being bitten - Wearing light colored clothing can help you to avoid being bitten by midges and mosquitos - Mary Warmsley



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