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How to get Lint off Towels

Linty Towels. First off there are 2 "linting" cycles in a towels life. One when it is new and one when it is almost garbage. The first cycle, which is the cycle that most people get annoyed by is to get rid of the excess fibers. Oddly enough lots of linting in the beginning is a sign of a good quality towel. High quality Egyptian cotton towels will need at least 10 washes and dries before this linting will decrease to "normal". The other shedding or linting period is when the towel is really old and decomposing essentially. Because of this you should wash your newer towels and older towels separately because the brand new or old ones will leave excess lint on your good towels.

Another point that is important is to never use fabric softener on towels because it removes its absorbency. Not only do most new towels have a coating on them that takes a few washes to remove that keeps them from being absorbent, but softener breaks down that ability as well. For new towels that don't absorb run them a few times with white vinegar added to the wash. That will break down the chemicals that impede the absorbency.

As far as linting goes you have to wash good new towels quite a few times before that will stop. Best thing for them is to wash them alone and then hang them out to dry because it will also blow a lot of the lint off the towels so it doesn't carry on to the next wash or to you lol. --

Lint on Towels. Some of the really loose lint can be removed with a vacuum cleaner - clean the nozzle first -- Kate Attari London

Tumble Dryer Cycling. Simply cycling the towel a few times thru a tumble dryer will get rid of some of the fluffies, Make sure that you clean out the lint filters when you do this, also ignore the temptation to shave off the bobbles or pills as you can break the little loops that are part of the structure of the fabric. Each time you wash them do a couple of extra drying cycles to speed up the process -- Martina Davids



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