A Trillion Trees




Tree Facts

A good sized tree can supply enough oxygen to keep two people alive.

A mature tree will 'soak up' about 20 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year.

Trees can reduce the risk of flooding, to the tune of two hundred litres in a day or more.

Forests can help to prevent Desertification, they can store water then slowly release it to form clouds which will relay on water vapour to desert regions. A forest two or three hundred kilometers from the threatened region, despite the great distance can reverse or slow down the plant loss.

The earliest evidence for life on Earth is about 3.4 billion years, however trees have only been around for only 350 to 400 million years.

Decidious trees came along much later than evergreens; conifers were here 270 million years ago, and we had to wait for another 170 million years before the decidious trees came along.

An attractive mature tree can significantly improve the price of your property, some estimates are as much as by 25%. Not all trees are a blessing, however, an unhealthy or dying tree can negatively affect your property value.

When planting tree seeds be aware that it could take several years to germinate also trees from colder climates sometimes need a good frost to get going.

The common Horse Chestnut (Conker Tree) makes a brilliant feature tree in a park or other open space. In bloom the flowers form a light coloured conical cluster of blossoms. Disease resistent forms are becoming available.

Flying is one of the biggest sources of carbon dioxide however fewer than 50% of the world’s airlines offer a service and only one percent of flyers offset by planting trees.

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