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The most effective way of removing the excess Carbon Dioxide from the air we breathe is by using the magical machine we call a tree. So we need to reforest the areas where trees have been depleted and plant new forests wherever we can.

This will not be an easy task as so very few people are aware of the seriousness of the situation and there are also very powerful forces trying to prevent the dissemination of unbiased information on the subject.

An important first step is to set up systems aimed at broadcasting information on the problem. The second one to find solutions, with the third one to act on the solutions and establish which ones work

By the time newly planted trees are doing their job the climate will have become inhospitable to some of the native tree species so we need an adaptable approach to our Planetary Repair efforts. We will need to practice Deep Adaptation to the changed conditions.

The extent of the damage done by our careless attitude to the health of Planet Earth means that we have to take urgent action to repair the vandalism we see around us. The most obvious one is the loss of our tree cover.

We all need to do our bit to ensure that the next generation still have trees.  Dwellers on this planet need an abundance of trees

Offsetting - Airline passengers need encouragement to fund tree planting. Fewer than 1% of fliers take the opportunity to pay to offset their carbon dioxide creation. Less than 50% of the world’s airlines offer a service.

Trees are the solution to so many of our problems. There are many benefits to be had; Air to breathe is one of them, in addition to supplying the oxygen to keep us alive, a mature tree will 'soak up' several kilograms of carbon dioxide every year.


Lets increase the number of trees on our little planet. Two trillion trees would be an appropriate number

Find out how the forests are exploited by unscrupulous people,

Blood Timber - https://www.globalwitness.org/en/campaigns/forests/bloodtimber/

How ? can we be useful? Anyone with a little spare time could join with others planting trees or removing ivy where it is damaging trees? More information on removing English Ivy

If you want to get in contact with others in your area who are voluntarily working with trees then please get in touch with us and we will try to provide links to people in your neighbourhood.

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