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Sleep Tips - Get your Beauty Sleep

Alarm Clock 

Alarm clocks tend to wake you up at an important point in the sleep cycle, often disrupting the critically important REM sleep. The preeminent expert on the subject, Mathew Walker recommends only ever using an alarm clock to remind you  style="color: rgb(0, 102, 0); font-weight: bold;"WHEN TO GET TO SLEEP, not to wake up.

Get to bed at the same time every night. The experts are pretty unanimous that keeping regular sleeping times is the most important factor in getting good restorative sleep. Getting a stable sleep cycle, or circadian rhythm is essential ~ Ed

Try turning down the lights an hour or two before bed-time; that way you will get a better sleep. When my friend suggested it to me I was very sceptical.  Believe me it works ~ Ian McKenzie  Sydney  Australia

Get your beauty Sleep - Gaining weight is related to failing to get a good a good night's sleep. There are other causes of obesity but there is a definite link between being overweight and missing out on sleep time. Professor Mathew Walker in his book, 'Why We Sleep' cites good evidence that if you fix your sleep habits then you will have a better chance of gaining control of you body weight ~ Ed

Melatonin for older people: Last night I had such a great sleep, it was heavenly!. Getting sufficient sleep started becoming a problem with me since I became 70, five years ago. I believe that using medication to help sleep is generally a bad idea, but that the natural body-chemical melatonin could benefit older people. I used half a 3mg tablet and slept like a baby ~ A Klystron


Another useful link - The Sleep Guide for Students from Maryville University https://online.maryville.edu/learn-to-sleep-well-to-study-well-a-guide-for-college-students/

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