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Vitamins -

I was scheduled for some surgery so I started researching on whether I should take multivitamins or not.

All the experts said that sufficient daily protein is essential and there were many who recommended the following supplements: Vitamins C, B12, zinc, iron, copper, selenium and folate. Some even recommended starting a course of multivitamins before the surgery

I also came across a warning that very high dosage of Vitamin E can interfere with clotting which would be a bad idea for someone undergoing surgery of any kind -DE

B Vitamins can slow down the shrinking of your brain:- A two-year, randomized, placebo-controlled study in elderly adults reported that a daily regimen of 800 µg of folic acid, 500 µg of vitamin B12, and 20 mg of vitamin B6 significantly reduced the rate of brain atrophy compared to placebo treatment. This information came from a study conducted by researchers from the University of Oxford, the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Oslo in Norway. - DE

Iodine Deficiency -

An article in the June 2011 edition of The Lancet described a study among British schoolgirls, finding that 51% had mild iodine deficiency. The US figures are approximately the same. The problem is normally associated with people who live in countries like Nepal and Bhutan i.e. mountainous regions and areas with iodine poor soil. Salt used to be iodised by law but is no longer routinely enriched.

A good way of supplementing is to use Kelp Tablets. Check the the Iodine content. When supplementing with iodine it is also a good idea to also take a little extra Selenium; a friend was recommended to try the combination for her hormone problem caused hair loss and it worked well with her.

Here in Australia the government has introdiuced a law that all bread must be made with iodised salt - A C Ardash

Iodine deficiency#2 - Vegetarians and people on a Low Salt Diet should take measures to ensure that they get sufficient iodine; vegetarians should perhaps take Kelp capsules or ensure that the salt they use is properly iodised. Those on a low salt diet could eat fish regularly. Iodine deficiency is a serious problem in many parts of the world and is responsible for impaired intelligence and low birth weight in those affected. Children and mothers-to-be should ensure that they get sufficient.

Brussels sprouts and other members of the family of plants Brassicae can deplete the body's stores so if your's or your family's intake of broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower is high then make sure that you get your two portions of weekly fish. - A C Ardash

Free Aide to Quit Smoking

To quit smoking without the use of expensive drugs you must be motivated. To help become motivated we suggest that you obtain from the American Cancer Society colored pictures of healthy and tainted lungs and bladders and all available reading material on causes of lung and bladder cancer or purchase a medical book from your local book store and read the causes of lung and bladder cancer.

After you decide to quit, carry a supply of common plastic swizzle sticks and when you have the urge for a cigarette hold a swizzle stick in your fingers, play with it and chew on it a little. It worked for me seven years ago after 50 years of heavy smoking. -- Robert L. Gingrich

Quitting Smoking
Randomize your smoking pattern at the same time as you reduce. You can even smoke two cigarettes consecutively. Smoking at different times seems to confuse the addiction. On its own it probably will not be enough to escape from Lady Nicotine, but along with other measures can help a great deal. -- Bette McDonald

Food Additives

It does not mean that because food additives are legal that they are harmless. I no longer give my twins food that has additives. I have noticed that my children are smarter and healthier and better behaved as a result. Love your site, keep up the good work Lettie Suderland Tarzania California USA


Fluoride-free Toothpaste. Fluoride-free toothpaste can be bought at "the Body Shop". I managed to find "Tea Tree Oil" Toothpaste which contained ingredients that even satisfied my friend Matilda and she crosses the street when she passes a McDonalds. I have started to like the taste. Well done Ms Roddick! -- Anita Roy

Mercury and Beryllium Poisonoing. One query - I have recently found I have toxic levels of beryllium in a hair sample. Do you have info on this?
I thought you might find the experiment below useful. I wish someone would do research on this!


Some 30 years ago I broke a thermometer, not knowing that mercury was toxic, I rolled it round in my hand, and it touched my gold wedding ring...... more

Removing Sticky Plasters - Band Aid. Removing Band-Aid painlessly: Soak in Vodka for a few minutes - It will come off painlessly - David Martin

Breathe Deep!!!
Breathe deeply - from your belly. Wonderful for an all-round health boost. Most of us only breathe from the top quarter of our lungs, leavings 75% of our lung capacity unused. A good many of the food supplements, miracle cures, quick weight loss, and relaxation gadgets we read and hear about involve increasing the oxygen level in the blood. You can do that for your self for free! While your stomach is fairly empty (it's hard to breathe properly after a huge meal) and wearing non-restrictive clothing, stand straight and breathe from your belly. Only your stomach should move when you breathe, not your chest or shoulders. You might get a head rush - keep going, just don't breathe quite so deeply. Don't want you passing out! :)
To give yourself a rhythm for breathing: as you inhale slowly raise your arms up from your sides. Inhale all the way to the top. Then, as you lower your arms, exhale; exhaling all the way to the bottom. With time you'll find you're moving your arms quite slowly as you learn to control your breathing. -- Kim Smart"

How to Cure Warts  To cure warts, especially on the hands, just pick a dandelion and dab the sap onto the wart. (The best sap is found just underneath the head of the flower). The wart immediately turns black and if continued once a day for 9 days, the wart disappears leaving clear soft skin. Works much better than over the counter chemical remedies. Of course it only works during the summer months when there are plenty of dandelions about! -- From Julie Roberts, Derby, England.

Poison Ivy

Fels-Naptha Soap Head off poison ivy by washing with Fels-Naptha soap after a walk in the woods or other possible exposure to poison ivy and other plants that give rashes. Washing with the soap can also greatly alleviate the itching and discomfort of bug bites received while out. I hear it's also great for cleaning & prewashing, but I haven't tried it myself yet. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to find. -- "T Bresnan"

Lead Paint: Do not sandpaper, scrape or in any other way cause particles of lead paint to become airborne. Better safe than sorry, if you suspect the paint may contain lead find out more before you tackle the job of removing it! The best way is to consult an expert.

Pregnant mothers and young children are much more susceptible to lead poisoning.  A young child can take up ten or more times the amount of an adult from the same exposure. 

If you are renting or buying a new house the landlord or agent should inform you if there is any risk. 

There are professional contractors who will deal with the problem in a safe manner.

More about heavy metals on the Detox page also check out the health quotes.

Bacteria in the Kitchen Sink

Germs thrive in warm wet environments, so sponges, dishcloths and cleaning rags are perfect breeding grounds. They multiply at a phenomenal rate In only a day or two many many millions of germs can have resulted from a single bug. Cross contamination can result in surfaces, and plates, utensils and hands carrying the germs. Leaving all cloths and sponges in a bowl containing a medium solution of detergent will solve the problem. The ones containing bactericide could be even more effective, however there is no evidence to show this. Wash your cloths and dish towels frequently. The same advice applies to facecloths. -- Roxy Klystron

Mobile Phones and "Early Onset Dementia"

Here in the UK there have been a dozen or so instances of very heavy mobile phone users developing Alzheimer's-like dementia. So far there is no evidence of the base stations being implicated.  Do not buy mobiles for very young kids and if you really must ensure that they are only used in an emergency. Safety levels here are 330 times higher than they are in Russia  -disgraceful -- Regards Johan Herries Waterlooville Hampshire UK

Relax to Reduce Stress

Create a detailed peaceful retreat in your imagination, and at different times during the day, go there to calm your feelings. Picture it in vivid detail. Perhaps a comfortable room with soft music. A quiet place in the woods. A placid fishing lake. A beautiful garden with flowers, trees, birds, water falls. Perhaps such a place already exists. While you are there, let go of everything except where you are. Also, learn and practice physical relaxation techniques: Tense up those muscles, eyeballs to toe tips, and then let them go limp. Breathe easily, thinking of nothing, except breathing easily. Be loose like a fallen towel. Don't try, just let it all go. It is almost impossible to feel stressed or worried as long as your muscles remain relaxed. Practicing this regularly can result in learning to power nap, a wonderful way to relax and refresh. 32 Keys About Life -- Ken McIsaac


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