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Use blue plates. Some researcher tested out her hypothesis and found that people ate slightly less when it was presented on a blue plate (I think it was a 'she' - but I'm not trying to be sexist - honest) -- Roger Groom

Drink a glass of skimmed milk every day. The calcium in the milk will help stop much of the the fat in the food in your intestines from being absorbed. We are talking about a couple of kilograms a month at least.

Staying Trim - Count the Calories. Count the Calories Count the Calories - It really does work but you have to be scrupulously honest with yourself.

Protein kills hunger. Eat a portion of protein early on in the day, an egg or two will do. Protein has been proven to be much more effective at quelling hunger sensations than carbohydrates.

Soup keeps you full for longer. Eating the same contents of a meal but liquidising it first with some water will stop you from feeling hungry later and is a really good way of keeping the weight down.




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