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Nissan Leaf owners should be aware that Nissan uses a system called CarWings and this can leak location and other information to other parties via an RSS feed. Your SatNav, too can generate data that Tom Tom has been exposed selling to third parties. Obviously you can lose some benefits by being too careful but usually this is a small price to pay. Google 'Privacy' and the name of the product you are considering buying before you comit. - Albert

On a holiday flight I was handed a questionaire that I started to fill in, however as I worked my way through the questions they became more and more intrusive and this set me thinking. Much of the data was such that a dishonest employee could make my life difficult and at the very least could provide information to those offshore companies phoning me to sell accident insurance just as I am about to tuck in to my dinner. When that pretty stewardess comes round with the questionaire comes round refuse!! -- Anon






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