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Be Safe when looking for a Job

Unfortunately there are some nasty types out there who will take advantage of those of us who are looking for work. Not all job offers are genuine, so it is important to exercise some caution and here we have some basic measures to take. Even more important than being scammed by a fake job offer is avoiding the risk of something more serious:-

1. Be very careful with how much information you give out.

2. Research the prospective employer.

3. If the interview is through an agency, make certain they are reputable.

4. Ensure that the interview is taking place in a secure or public place. Never agree to meeting in a private dwelling, even your own.

5. Make certain that a friend or relative knows when and where the interview is taking place, if you are at all concerned about any aspect of the interview have someone drive you there and back from the venue.

6. Never pay up front for anything, also if the advertisement uses a premium rate number then avoid - like the plague.

7. If the job is offered online be extra vigilant; there are all kind of scams out there. Most of them ask for money up front but there are scams that actually get you working at something and then, either never pay up or pay derisory sums for your efforts. Often a Google search will reveal that others have been stung. The search terms 'Scam, followed by the name of the company will often be enough to bring up complaints by people who have been scammed.

Other things to be careful about: The interview should take place during working hours, if the conversation is straying too much into personal matters the alarm bells should be ringing. They could simly be after information to be used for sales and marketing or more likely identity theft which is reaching epidemic levels.

If it is a live-in job then it is even more important that thorough research is done on the organisation and individuals concerned

Finally, if it seems too good to be true it probably isn't genuine.

Kenneth Simpson








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