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  • Be positive.

  • Be confident. Believe that you are offering a valuable commodity.

  • Get to the interview 15 minutes early.

  • Be aware that you will be under scrutiny from the moment you cross the threshold.

  • Do not dwell on your last employment.

Tell the interviewer how you will successfully achieve the kind of things he wants you to do for him.

Career Advice

  • Chose a career that you know you will be happy doing for a long long time.

  • Try to get some experience of the work before you commit to it.

Writing a Resume:

At the outset use the creation of your resume as a means of clarifying your goals and defining the direction you wish to take. Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your self-knowledge.

Do present your good, qualities, advertising sells people as well as underarm deodorants, but never give in to the temptation to exaggerate and embellish your abilities and skills.

Make your resume stand out from the others. Get noticed by producing a well written, aesthetically attractive document. Do not use inferior quality or flimsy paper. Not too many fonts and colors.

Research the company, find out as much as possible about the company and why they need a new employee. You will be at an advantage over the other candidates if you can clearly show that you understand something of what is expected of you in the new job.



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