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Computer Security!

Some Tips for Staying Secure Online

1. Ensure you have up-to-date antivirus software running on your machine.

2. Make sure that Your computer should has the latest updates to its operating system. There are settings that ensure that they download and install automatically.

3. Install a firewall to keep hackers out of your computer.

4. Some Hackers are very resourceful so you should never store sensitive information on your computer.

5. Never open any email attachments unless the sender is trusted and you are sure the attachment is virus free.

6. Be smart with your passwords use combinations of numbers and letters, It is tempting to use some easily remembered word or or place name - avoid.

7. never disclose your username, password or security details to anyone. Only ever enter your details into a genuine website.

8. Never e-mail your credit card details, a reputable company will never ask for this information over the internet unless it is using secure software. A small padlock symbol is usually enough to indicate that the form provided is secure. The URL will also be different from the usual one in that it will start off with https:// instead of just http://.  It will have the extra "s".

9. Remember to maintain good physical security. Keep that Laptop away from prying eyes. Destroy sensitive print-outs

Computer Security Tip: Using a special radio receiver it is possible for people to read what's displayed on your monitor but only if it is of the older cathode ray type, flat screens are immune to the problem, in situations requiring high security always use flat screens, it is also possible to find special filters to put on your monitor that only allow someone immediately in front of the screen to see what is being displayed. - Shaun Kaye Vauxhall London England



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