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Minerals in The Human Body

Everyone knows that we need calcium to keep our bones strong and healthy and that Iron is an essential component in blood, but there are many other minerals needed by a healthy body, some of them, the 'trace elements' are just as important but are are needed in tiny amounts.

As with Vitamins, health experts have calculated a recommended daily intake or RDA for some minerals.


Essential, works in conjunction with Potassium in the process of conversion of food intake into muscle energy and the functioning of nerves and brain. Defficiencies are rare as sodium is present in many foods.


Functioning with Sodium is an essential part of the electrolyte system of the body. Present in bananas and other fruit and vegetables.


Needed for bones but also other tissue and biochemical functions.


Also essential for bone health and as an electrolyte


Required for the elimination of sulphites.


Chlorine is a critically important component of many of the compounds found in the body, e.g. salt is sodium chloride, our nervous system needs sodium and potassium to be able to function. We all tend to consume more than we need.


Bones,Teeth and energy storage, every type of cell requires an adequate supply. Found in Dairy Products Red Meat and whole grains.


Liver, beef and red meats, vegetables sources include soya and oatmeal. A deficiency of iron causes weakness and fatigue, brittle hair and fingernails. Because of the menstrual cycle it is mostly women who suffer from anemia due to iron deficiency.


Sulphur (USA spelling sulphur) is vital to all living things. It is not considered a nutrient, but eggs cabbage, garlic


Essential for many functions including one of the basic life processes - in conjunction with selenium. Deficiency causes a loss in mental faculties and in extreme cases Hyperthyroidism. A trace element, it is needed in very small quantities. It seems that many people, these days do not get enough iodine, so make sure that you and your family get at least the daily recommended dose.


Another trace element required in very small quantities


Along with iodine an essential element.


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