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Being fit and healthy is important to most of us these days. Topics covered in the health section include Fitness, Slimming and Weight Control, Nutrition, Men's healthWomen's Health, Tummy Bugs, Healthy eating, Detox, Botox a Warning , Aerosol Sprays

Vodka - An Antiseptic and Sterilising fluid.

Use Vodka on open cuts when no other preparation is available, blisters when they burst can be sterilized and the pain reduced, some types of stings and insect bites also respond to an application, Some old Scots folk remedy for toothache and earache recommended whisky but I am sure that vodka could work just as well. When removing splinters soak for 30 seconds before and rinse afterwards

To sterilize tweezers, razors, thermometers etc just soak in a couple of inches in a narrow tumbler - Richard Burrel

Some good advice Richard, thanks but I am a bit nervous about the neat vodka in the ear business, Certainly treating children for painful ear conditions should be left to professionals. - Ed

Reducing Blood Sugar. Two tips under health.For slimming I recommend kelp.Easy and cheap to obtain. I am a type two diabetic and I believe fish oil or omega 3 can help lower blood sugar. I would be interested in other tips for reducing blood sugar. Regards, -- Andrew Scobbie

Heartburn and indigestion:- Sodium Bicarbonate:
A simple and relatively harmless way to treat a one-off heartburn is to drink a solution of a small amount of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) mixed with water, which quickly neutralizes the acid that causes the pain.

Excess sodium intake, however, is thought to raise blood pressure and cause other health problems. Mark -- Mark Franks/Tiger Tony

Keratosis:- I have been prescribed Solaraze for the small actinic Keratosis on my forearms and scalp. I found it not at all efective but was later given Efudix which has made all of the scaly patches disappear. As the Keratosis poses a real risk of cancer developing I am much happier now -- Darrin D'Glas

Charlie horse during the night. This one might be common knowledge among an older generation but when my grandmother told me about it, it sounded too funny but it works. If you are prone to painful charlie horses while sleeping put a bar of soap under the sheets at the foot of your bed. I have no clue why it works but it does! -- Tamara B., Ontario, Canada

Charlie Horse is a term used to describe night cramps in the legs -- Ed

Aluminium. Hi everyone, After countless visits to doctors, including homeopaths, osteopaths, general practitioners, after numerous blood tests, X-rays, you name it, three years of sciatica, chronic unbearable pain in the hip, rheumatoid arthritis (up to 11 injections at a time into the joints), uric acid, low energy, depression, breast pains, heart pains, dizzyness, osteoperosis, diabetes type 2, etc...... I was facing breast cancer - and I am only 38 years old. Four months ago I finally found the reason for all of my problems and the answer to all of my questions- Aluminium poisoning.

In short, I wasn't absorbing any minerals because of the toxidity and it was slowly killing me. (Heavy Metal Poisoning prevents the body from absorbing nutrients, even if the intake is good.)

There is only one way of getting rid of a toxidity like this - a thorough detox / cleanse. After only two months the aluminium was out of my system. I am pain-free at last!!!! I will not advocate my diet to anyone, but the following could be helpful to some.

I would like to share the following simple inexpensive tips:

For an Iron Supplement:-bone structure (for the hip pains)
Home Made Sherbet
250ml (1 cup) Icing Snow/Sugar
2.5ml (half teaspoon) Tartaric Acid
1.25ml (quarter teaspoon) Cream of Tartar
Mix together well. ALLOW TO STAND FOR ONE HOUR.

For Potassium:
Eat LOADS of liquirice, the plain one of course.

For Calcium:
All goat's milk products are calcium-rich. Get a HOMEMADE Ginger Beer recipe.

For Zinc: - (for the Sciatica and stiffness of the lower back))
All South Africans are Zinc defficient. I took up several Zinc tablets per day for the sciatica for at least two months - there is a direct link between bone structure problems and Zinc. Hope this can be helpful to someone. Thanks, --Amanda South Africa

Sjogrens Syndrome - Simple Dry Mouth Help - For people with Sjogrens Syndrome I have found some things that help a lot, especially at night when sleeping.

First I tried all the things the doc said, (which were costly) and didn't work very well. Then I tried Tums I would put one tum on each side of the center of my upper lip. My teeth didn't look pretty in the morning but it would rinse away, down side all that sugar I had a lot of tooth problems (there were no sugar free Tums). Later I used them then I discovered that *Orbit* sugar free gum does just as well, I fold two little sticks of it in half and put one under my lip like the Tums I use the cinnamint flavor. It works really well and is less expensive. -- David Haas

Woman's Health If you are going through the menopause and suffer from hot flushes during the night, a quick way to cool down and drift back to sleep  is to, reverse your continental quilt.  Thus the cold outside then becomes the cool inside, it can be done several times throughout the night  and usually works every time. Diane Hakala  

Relaxing Sounds: Cant afford to go on holiday this year, treat yourself to some relaxing Sounds Of The Ocean CDs . Close your eyes and you are on holiday in your arm chair.. And the sounds will also help you meditate and relax. sent in by.. Diane Hakala UK

Hydrogenated Oils. Stay away from Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils   They compress additional hydrogen atoms into the product. They do this in margarine. These oils are liquid but they want them to be solids. So they increase the amount of hydrogen atoms in it so it will become a solid. Sounds harmless but it's not. It turns the fat into a plastic like material. Plus it fools your body into thinking it's an essential fatty acid, which it's not. EFA's are very important to our bodies.  Just another way science is changing our foods along with genetically engineered foods. - Submitted by Derek of cheap-diet dot com

Botox divorces. In my work I have come across several instances of relationships breaking down as a result of loss of an information channel. Most are as a result of one of the partners becoming deaf, however two such cases were due, in my opinion to loss of facial expression resulting from nerve damage. 

Communication is not just about speech, body language and facial expression are every bit as important. I predict that many of the wrinkle-free and po-faced people one sees coming out of the clinics are heading for trouble. Fortunately these fads are short-lived. -- Karl Marcus

Botox - Depression: - According to researcher Dr Judith Grub and a team based in Holland; Botox can cause depression. This happens because the muscle paralysis caused by the Botox prevent a proper expression of emotion. This inability to express emotions results in a bottling up of feelings explains the researchers.

"Many people think, 'Oh, it's just botox - I can get it in my lunch break.' But they forget that there may be side-effects," says Grub - Ed Jun 2009

Dry Mouth & Throat

I take medications that make my mouth and throat dreadfully dry and drinking water does not ease it. My chemist made me up a mixture of Glycerine and added Spirits of Lemon to it. (Lemon Essence). Just sip a little, swill around in mouth and swallow slowly. This really works and you can take as often as you like, but it lasts for a long time, even if you eat or drink afterwards. Just buy the glycerine and add a few drops of the Lemon Essence to taste from your pantry. Gives the mouth a lovely fresh taste too. Just for the record they use straight glycerine in hospitals when doing oral hygiene on unconscious patients. - sumanaju  

Rotary toothbrushes They do clean better than normal brushes, however please do not do what I did and overdo it. I now suffer from receding gum problems and temperature sensitive teeth as a result. I can no longer eat ice cream. People from less industrialized societies seem to have fewer caries than we do in the west and they do not have all the fancy tooth care stuff like we do -- Karl Marcus

Breathe Deep!!! Breathe deeply - from your belly. Wonderful for an all-round health boost. Most of us only breathe from the top quarter of our lungs, leavings 75% of our lung capacity unused. A good many of the food supplements, miracle cures, quick weight loss, and relaxation gadgets we read and hear about involve increasing the oxygen level in the blood. You can do that for your self for free! While your stomach is fairly empty (it's hard to breathe properly after a huge meal) and wearing non-restrictive clothing, stand straight and breathe from your belly. Only your stomach should move when you breathe, not your chest or shoulders. You might get a head rush - keep going, just don't breathe quite so deeply. Don't want you passing out! :) To give yourself a rhythm for breathing: as you inhale slowly raise your arms up from your sides. Inhale all the way to the top. Then, as you lower your arms, exhale; exhaling all the way to the bottom. With time you'll find you're moving your arms quite slowly as you learn to control your breathing. -- Kim Smart"

Acne: To help reduce acne drink plenty of pure, untreated water, and try to avoid refined, processed and food with additives, also sweet and fatty foods. – Robin

Sleeping: Try turning down the lights an hour or two before bed-time; that way you will get a better sleep. When my friend suggested it to me I was very sceptical.  Believe me it works -- Ian McKenzie  Sydney   Australia

Diabetes: For Resources for Diabetes Information, do searches on the following:  'Juvenile Diabetes Foundation', 'American Diabetes Association', 'Children With Diabetes', 'TODAE', 'Joslin Research Center', 'Diabetes Research Institute', and more on 'Diabetes Drive'. 

Shaving: Apply a small amount of talcum powder before shaving – wet or dry – Ian Richards, City Broadcast Installations  England

Diarrhoea: When suffering from acute or extended diarrhoea it is advisable to take a little salt in your drink. Chemists sell electrolyte solutions containing salts and sugar including the very important potassium salt. One preparation available in the UK is called GEM. Your pharmacist can advise you. – Davie.

Avoiding Frostbite: In a really cold environment use mittens rather than gloves.   Frozen fingers can be identified and remedial measures taken before frostbite sets in -- Jimmie Stewart   Dunfermline  Scotland

Laryngitis. Rest your voice,   Give up smoking, and eat mild, easily swallowed foods. Drink plenty of liquids, and try to stay in a humid atmosphere. - Rosalind Edmonds

How to Cure Warts  To cure warts, especially on the hands, just pick a dandelion and dab the sap onto the wart. (The best sap is found just underneath the head of the flower). The wart immediately turns black and if continued once a day for 9 days, the wart disappears leaving clear soft skin. Works much better than over the counter chemical remedies. Of course it only works during the summer months when there are plenty of dandelions about! From Julie Roberts, Derby, England.

Hangover Prevention:  drink milk and eat dairy products to line the stomach, make sure you have a full stomach to slow the absorption of alcohol into the blood -- Scott Edmunds

Hangover Cure: To cure drink plenty of water before you go to bed (over a pint), have a good breakfast, avoid caffeinous drinks, and get plenty of vitamin C. -- James Butler  What about avoiding the damn stuff in the first place --Ed!!  

Do not eat grapefruit or citrus fruits when if you are taking antihistamines or anti allergy pills, especially the following; Triludin: itraconazole, miconazole, and lamasil -- Derek Edmondes, Bangalore, India

Insect Bites. Use vinegar on insect bites and stings - - Vanessa Echols

Cramp: To relieve cramp in the leg, stand in an empty bath with bare feet. My friend has suffered from cramp all his life and he says it works every time – Ian Richards, City Broadcast Installations, UK

Nettles. Holding your breath stops you getting stung by European Stinging Nettles – Wendy Quin  Hong Kong

Nettles. Use Docken leaves to sooth European Stinging Nettle stings -- Anon

Cold Sores

There is no substitute to using Zovirax or another anti virus ointment, however dab on vodka or other spirits to help speed up healing. -- Davina Martin


 Orange peel -- The pith, the white material found on the inside of orange peel (marmalade contains some) is a good source of bioflavanoids, believed to be an important nutrient – Davie D

An interesting fact is that raw blackcurrants, and kiwi fruit contain more vitamin C than oranges. -- Annie Morgan

So do Chillies - Ed


Heavy Metals and Aluminium are implicated in Memory Loss, Attention Deficit Disorders, Kidney Disease, Bone Disease and Dementia.

Mercury Fillings - Having mercury amalgam tooth fillings removed will improve your concentration and other faculties.  Some people report dramatic improvement, ability to function and well-being.  In my case, career, educational performance and confidence improved dramatically.  A word of warning though, it is not wise to have more than one or two removed at a time as the removal process produces a release of mercury -- Peter McGuigan, Perth Australia

Aluminum - Untold misery and expensive care could be avoided if we were to eliminate sources of aluminum in our food,  drink, medicines and cosmetics.  We are all susceptible in varying degrees to brain, bone and other tissue damage caused by the toxic effects of aluminum compounds.  Tap water (faucet), white bread, food additives and anti-perspirants are things to eliminate. Cooking in uncoated aluminum pots is also to be avoided. -- H Miller_MD  Palo Alto Calif 

"Based on present information prudent action would be to avoid all sources of ingestible and inhaled aluminum. Those who fail to heed this advice will serve as "guinea pigs" for the human experiments that may eventually prove the presence or absence of serious health effects of aluminum "  -- Dr McDougall

See Avoiding Aluminium  for more information and suggestions on how to go about avoiding aluminium in your diet.

Urostomy Bag - For people who have had a urostomy(bag on their side for their bladder). To stop the natural mucus building up in the bag take 2 garlic capsules a day and this breaks it all down. -- Linda. UK

Weight Control

Looking slim and  being physically fit is important to most of us these days. Aerobic exercise is not the only way to improve your fat burning capacity; strength training can also have dramatic results. Makes sense, doesn't it, larger muscles need more energy -- Axel Klystron

Dr Mihaela Tanasescu of Harvard University studied 44,000 men and found those who weight-trained for 30 minutes or more a week had a 23 per cent lower risk of heart disease than those who didn't lift. -- Ed

Water and Health Many problems would be avoided if we drank more pure water. The elderly, in particular need to be vigilant about the quantity and the quality of the liquids that they drink.  When flying take care to drink sufficient liquids as the low pressure atmosphere has a dehydrating effect. Avoiding alcohol is prudent, as it too dehydrates -- Doctor Annie, Edinburgh (Annie McInnes)

The air we breathe. Indoor Air Quality is so important for our health. To avoid toxic air in the home, avoid all fragranced products and air fresheners (they cause neurological reactions), use as little as possible of gas appliances (I switched to electric stove and clothes drier), vent your central vac to the outside (sends mites outside), avoid chemicals for cleaning (use borax, vinegar, natural soaps), and avoid all oil based products like paints and solvents. Pesticides were especially toxic, absorbed through breathing or skin contact. I got Environmental Illness from oil based paints and indoor now I'm housebound...don't let this happen to you. -- Barb from Ontario 

Dental x-rays linked to smaller babies In a study of 4,500 mothers-to-be by a US team. Of those who had dental treatment, a quarter had babies weighing under 5.51lb. The research showed that women who have dental X-rays while pregnant are three times more likely to have an underweight baby. X-rays may affect neuro-hormonal mechanisms, such as thyroid function in the head and neck. - RS

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A man to consult his health must check his appetite -- Luigi Cornaro

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