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Blueberry Stains

Q: Stain Removal - Blueberry. Any suggestions for removing a blueberry stain from a cotton shirt?? -- Reginald Tickell  Reply  (Ref:0151) 

Answer #1: Blueberry Stain. Try this solution for removing your blueberry stains. Stretch the stained areas over a bowl with a rubber band and place in a sink, then pour boiling water from a height of several feet above the cloth through the stain. Or, you can try using a commercial enzyme stain remover, or mix equal parts vinegar, water, and liquid dishwashing soap in a squeeze bottle, shake, and work into the spots. Let stand a few minutes, then launder. -- Xys Comment   23/05/2005

Answer #2: Blueberry stains. Use Oxyclean - Spray on and let soak for about ten minutes. Works every time. -- WILLIAM STEWART Comment Mar 31 2006

Answer #3: Blueberry Stain. Have you tried using vinegar on it? Just soak it in a little vinegar water. -- mommeeof2boyz Comment Feb 26 2007

Answer#4: Blueberry Stain. Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide (5%) or Sodium Percarbonate based bleach such as Oxyclean will do the trick. -- Maria Nejadi

Q: Removal of Blueberry stain from a cotton Shirt. I would appreciate if anyone could let me know how to remove a stain from Blueberries. Thank you. -- Lillian Reply  (Ref:1063)

Q: Blueberry Juice Stain.  Hiya, I am searching for a way to get blueberry juice stain out. have you found an answer yet? Thanks -- jill :)  Reply 31/07/2005(Ref:1144)

Q: Blueberry: Did anyone find a solution to a blueberry stain on cotton???? I, too am seeking help for same problem----if you've found something that works please share -- sandi macqueen  Reply   14 Jan 2004 (Ref:1068)



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