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Q: New Towel Lint. How do you get rid of new towel lint. I have washed and washed theem but I still get lint on me when I use them. -- Sarah I Buchanan' Reply. May 3 2006 (Ref:1232)

Q: Musty Books. How do i remove musty odor from a book? -- Reply May 8 2006 (Ref:1234)

Q: Wallpaper. I have wallpaper that the backing is stuck pretty good to the drywall....seems the drywall was not properly prepared before applying paper.... when you wet the paper backing it bubbles in a few places but it is mostly stuck. Any suggestions? Thanks Rebecca Townsend -- Reply May 10 2006 (Ref:1220)

Q: Red Marker Stains. I would like to know how to remove a red marker stain from white carpet. It has spread from me trying to clean with dish detergent. If you can help it will be much appreciated. Sincerely, H.D. -- Reply . 10 Oct 2006 (Ref:1225)

Q: Orange Stain on White Jumper? I have a stain on a white jumper (polyester) Not sure what it is. im guessing its the juice of a fresh orange but am not sure. I have tried Vanish stick, vanish stain remover pre wash and Vanish oxi action, as well as surf tropical powder which claims to get rid of 99 top stains. Nothing works. What will work? Thanks in advance. -- Reply. Oct 29 2006 (Ref:1221)

Q: Does any one remember Pig Latin? In the 70's, kids moved the first letter of a word to the end and added ay (for example, hanktay ouyay orfay eadingray uroay ewsletternay) to create a secret, decipherable communication among friends. Thanks. Maria. Reply. Oct 29 200 6(Ref:1224)

Q: Lint on Towels. I bought new towels, washed and dried them before use of course, and went to use them after a shower. I found myself completely covered in blue lint!! How can I get rid of the lint on the towels before i turn into something resembling the cookie monster?HELP!! -- 'mary flaherty' Reply. Nov 12 2006 (Ref:1316)

Q:: Yellow Bleach Stain on Toilet Seat . I was cleaning my toilet with Clorox toilet bowl cleaner and put some on the toilet seat (that is plastic?) not knowing it would cause a problem. Now I have yellow streaks all over the seat that do not look very pleasing! Any suggestions for how to fix this? -- Darcy Sanderson Reply. Nov 18 2006 (Ref:1317)

Q: Patch Removal: I need to reposition an iron on patch can you tell me how to remove it? Thank you. Betty -- Reply. Nov 19 2006 (Ref:1235)

Q: Burn Smell in Micro: I just read your question at ASReply. I just did the same thing!!! Did you get rid of it or just have to wait until it went away? I'm so mad at myself!!! I spend a fortune in candles and then do this!!! :) Connie -- Reply. Nov 19 2006 (Ref:1236)

Q: Teflon Coated Iron. Can anyone help me with this one please. I have a teflon coated iron. It has become brown & stained. How can I remove these marks without damaging the teflon? ROSALYN HAMBLETT 7 Dec 2006 (Ref:1330)

Q: Stain Devil. I saw on google that you carry the stain devil. I have ink all over the inside of my dryer and someone had said that stain devil would remove this. Do you carry this and can I obtain this? I live in the Kansas City area, Do you know of anyone here that would carry this product? Please e-mail me with any information that you have. Thanks. Judy Hansel Reply Dec 18 2006. (Ref:1320)

Q: Black wax shoe polish stain on white cloth couch. How can I remove black wax shoe polish from a white couch? Thank you. -- 'robert e. nunamaker' Reply. Dec 25 2006 (Ref:1321)

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