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Q: Lint on Towels. HELP! How do I get lint balls off towels. I purchased four towels and washed them together, now I have lint balls all over the towels. I tried tape blotting also tried getting them off with a clothes lint brush, it's frustrating. Any words of wisdom?! -- Merril . Reply. Feb 16 2007 (Ref:1332)

Q: How To Stop My Sliding Tablecloth? I wanted to know just what I could get in order to stop my tablecloth from sliding? -- Reply. Mar 2 2007 (Ref:1333

Q: Red Candle Stain. Hi, How to get a red candle stain out of wooden furniture. My daughter burned a red candle in a glass jar without anything under it to protect the wood and now there is a red stain in the wood. Thank you so much. --Reply 'Sue Desperance . Mar 3 2007) (Ref:1334)

Q: Re:Lipstick Stain. Can you please tell me how to remove a lipstick stain on a cotton duvet cover? I dropped it and it landed on the cover. Thank you in advance! -- Lise G. Reply.(Ref:1335)

Q: Cats. Hello, My neighbors cat uses my flower beds for a litter box----want to stay friends with the nice neighbors but not their cat. How do I stop this problem? Thank you, Ruth -- 'John Grabski' Reply. Mar 7 2007 (Ref:1336)

A: Cats I heard that a rubber snake will discourage cats. -- Nicola Bellini...Nov 9 2007

Q: Stamped on Ink I recently purchased some bunk beds that has the warning label stamped onto the finished surface of the wood. what can I use to remove this without harming the finish of the wood? Thanks, Debby -- Reply. Mar 15 2007

Q: Smelly Towels. How do I get the smell out of towels? They are new towels but they smell like they are sour or molded all the time. Thanks, Barbara Brantley Reply Apr 6 2007

Q: Removing sticker residue off cotton shirt
I have a cotton shirt that I forgot to take a name sticker off of, and it accidentally got washed and dried and now there is a gross sticky residue left. How can I get it off? -- M L. Reply.

Q: Is a Solar Keratosis a Cancer Proper or is it a pre-cancerous phenomenon, and can I ignore it as my doctor suggests? Karen Shipley Reply April 29 2007

A: Solar keratosis fulfils criteria clinically, histopathologically and biologically for malignancy, i.e. SCC (Squamous Cell Carcinoma), as do the other cutaneous types of superficial SCCs, namely, arsenical keratosis, radiation keratosis and Bowen's disease; each of them, in time and without therapeutic intercession, has the capability to kill either by destruction of tissue locally or by metastasis widely. Ignore what your your doctor says and get treatment and perhaps another doctor. -- Andrew Donitz Phenix Arizona USA August 12 2007

Q: Shrimp Odors. My freezer in my laundry room got left open and it was full of shrimp and scallops. Everything was ruined!!! I cleaned the freezer out and mopped the floor with bleach. Needless to say my laundry room smells horrible. The room is closed up and it gets rather warm in there. What can I do to remove the odor from my utility room? -- teresa dickey Reply May 14 2007

Q: Smoke Odor. I recently left hard boiled eggs on the stove and came home to a house full of smoke. How can I get the smoke smell out of the kitchen and microwave?. Sharon Hoffert -- Reply. May 14 2007

Q: Superglue Removal. I need to remove superglue from a pair of pants, any idea on how to? thanks. -- charles & marjorie. Reply. Jun 7 2007

Q: Scatches on the Carpet. Please can you help my dog has left scratch marks on the carpet and we are renting the house how can i get rid of them? thanks. kellie mills.-- Reply Jun 12 2007

Q: - What does the abbreviation P.P. stand for - This is used when someone is signing a letter on behalf of someone else? -- Darren Corbie Reply 12th June 2007

Answer - p.p refers to per procurationem (by agency), a Latin phrase meaning that you are signing the letter on somebody else's behalf Alison Letherbridge Sutton Surrey England 12th August 2007


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