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Tips from RonniesRed

Ronnie's tips cover three topics; Beauty, Pet Care and DIY.

For super soft skin. - Wash with baking soda in place of soap, it not only cleans but leaves skin super soft. -- ronniesred

The best kitty litter. - Instead of expensive kitty litter, use either wood pellets used for heating or corn cob pellets used for horse bedding. Both can be purchased for a fraction of the cost as kitty litters, at a farm and fleet store. They absorb more wetness and odor. I use this in my ferret litter boxes and there is never a pet odor. -- ronniesred

To remove old wallpaper. - Mix equal parts vinegar and warm water in spray bottle, and spray old wallpaper, wait a moment and simply peel paper off. -- ronniesred Thanks Ronnie - Ed

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