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Q: Towels. Can anyone please tell me of some good brand name towels to buy that don't "PILL" I have bought expensive towels and cheaper towels, but no matter what I buy, as soon as they are washed they shed hundreds of pills. I have washed some of them 5 or 6 times and each time there are lots of pills left on the towels. I have also bought different varieties from combed cotton to Egyptian cotton but to no avail. I don't remember having this problem a few years ago - it is just lately. -- Desperate!. Reply (Ref:0019)

Q: Burning CDs  when burning CDs why do some songs get a ticking noise in the background -- "lane-libbis" Reply (Ref:0729)

Q: Noisy toilet about 1 second after flushing the toilet, it makes a screeching sound that lasts about 1/2 a second. It started this after we were gone for 2 weeks. At first it was a little squeak, getting louder all the time. If you reflush right after a flush it does not do it. thanks. -- Bill Reply (Ref:0730)

Q: Static Cling Help. I have 4 pair of microfiber slacks. When I wear them they cling terribly, twisting around my leg. I've tried drying them with bounce sheets, lotion on my legs before putting them on, static guard sprayed and sprayed to no avail, rubbing bounce dryer sheets on my panty hose, none of which help. Is it the material? What do I need to do?  Reply  shallock   (Ref:0481)

Q: Driveway:  What sort of equipment do I need to level a dirt and gravel driveway?  Reply  -- judy rule (Ref:0482)

Q: Gordon Moore's cosmetic toothpaste? where can I obtain Gordon Moore's cosmetic toothpaste? -- A Cooney  Reply Ref:0484

Q: Toothpaste  could you please tell me where i can purchase GORDON MOORES COSMETIC TOOTHPASTE ? WONDERFUL PRODUCT . HAVE LOOKED FOR YEARS TO FIND IT --  Shirley Reynolds Reply 

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