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Safe Driving. Don't eat it while you drive! if it drips, disintegrates or spills DEFINITELY DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EAT IT WHILST DRIVING -- Pete Charolambous Acton London UK

Tire Pressure. When blowing up your tires do not trust the number written on the sidewall, some tires give the maximum safe pressure and at those pressures the handling of the car will be poor. Use the pressure given in the handbook. -- Sharon Luther 

Overheating Engine.  if you ever have trouble on the road with the engine overheating, put your heater on max, it acts like a second radiator. -- DM

Motoring Lights  When you go into a filling station spend a few seconds, and wash your lights with the brush provided, and see the difference it makes to your nighttime vision. -- John Armstrong Glasgow   

Safety During Long Drives. The combination of a 15 minute snooze and a strong  cup of coffee will let you keep going for a bit longer. Make sure that you stop in a safe place. essie2000

Clean Your Spark Plug. If you have an old petrol engine which will not start. Remove the spark plug and heat it up on a gas ring. Replace carefully (use grippers) and engine will fire at the first try! --Raymond Watkin 

Maximize the Sale Price. If you are selling your car ALWAYS invest time and effort in making it look good, clean it polish it and don't forget to make it smell good. Even dealers will pay up to 20% more for a car that has been well cleaned and had all the small scratches and dents removed – Tateus Kerkorian San Francisco

Broken Fan Belt. Fan Belt. If your fan-belt suddenly snaps, use your wife or girlfriend's stockings as a temporary replacement to get you to the garage. -- Anon.

Stuck in Mud or Sand. I find that rubber foot mats are useful to stick under the tires to help you get out. Lay them down in front of the tires. Then rock the car backwards and forwards until the car gets a grip on the mats and can be driven off. -- Terry Farlow, High Wycombe, England. 

Sticking Car Doors. If the door keeps sticking, check if the hinges need lubricating (with WD40, or a similar lubricant), before getting it realigned. - Fred Forsyth, Aberdeen, Scotland 

To stop your windscreens from misting up on cold mornings wipe the inside of the window with a cut potato, and then wipe off any excess moisture. It always seems to do the job for me. -- F Werner, Denmark 

Icy windscreens can be scraped using a phonecard if no ice scraper is to hand. – Essie 2000

Motoring Tips Hi There, While searching the internet I came across your website and I was impressed by the useful information it provided, especially the in the Motoring section.

Here are a couple of tips I'd like to contribute to the site:

1) Scenerio: So you get into your car but it won't start...your battery is dead. No problem a kind passerby offers to give you a boost but your engine still won't turn over. The good news is that no matter how weak your battery is, it's never completely dead. Crack open a can of pop and pour it on the corrodid areas of your battery terminals. The acid from the pop will dissolve the corrosion improving the connection and your chances of the jump-start working.

2) Use WD-40 to remove excess wax from your car bumper and small crevices.

Regards -- Gina Goldberg


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