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Keep your Forks Clean
For all those motorcycle riders who want to keep the alloy on the front forks looking like new. Before venturing off on a long ride put Glad Wrap (Cling Film) around the forks, it's easy to apply before you leave and easy to remove when you arrive back home. It also prevents the acid from insects eating into the alloy -- "Drifter"  

Slippery Tar
Be very careful when riding on roads that have the black tar patch strips. They become very slippery and can be deadly in a corner -- "Drifter"  

Another motorcycle tip for you: Rub raw potato on your visor. It works both on the inside for condensation and the outside when visibility is poor because of rain droplets. -- "Sarah_Palmer"  

Misted Visor: further to the raw potato on the visor idea, some bikers may prefer to spit on their visors. this does the same thing - stops condensation from accumulating (at least on the inside) -- "Pat Green Chicago USA"

Bike falling over
Carry a coaster or a small empty tin can so that when parking on grass or soft ground you can rest the stand on it to prevent the stand from sinking in to the ground. "John Armstrong Glasgow Scotland


sight savers make someone see again

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