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WARNING Junk e-mail . More and more e-mails/adverts are either trying to get you to agree to terms that mean you are automatically opted in or they try to get you to leave your mobile number which means you agree to them sending you texts at exhorbitant rates, again it's down to you to opt out. Most of these sites are telling you, you have won or are about to win something, Ipod, laptop, car etc... ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT and confine these crooks to the waste bin as JUNK. -- Tony Lowery 21 Feb 2010

Scammed by Domain Registry of America.  A client of mine has been hoodwinked into paying thru the nose to change his website name registration by a letter which appears to be an invoice. If you get such a letter then simply send the envelope back empty without a stamp, they will have to pay postage. Better still, if you have time take it to the police or local trading standards organization. Do a Google search and see how many angry people have been conned out of their cash - 6 Feb 2005

Domain Registry of America: We have had a similar experience of junk mail from these people. We should report them to spambusters or similar. -- DWK Alonso Jan 9th 2008

Sending files by Email. Avoid Files Being blocked - If you wish to send program files by E-Mail, you can rename the blocked file to include a temporary file type that is not on the list of blocked file types. For example, you can rename program.exe to program.txt -- Stephen Walden Portsmouth UK


I learned a computer trick today that's really ingenious in it's simplicity. I received it from a friend. As you may know, when/if a worm virus gets into your computer it heads straight for your e-mail address book, and sends itself to everyone in there, thus infecting all your friends and associates. This trick won't keep the virus from getting into your computer, but it will stop it from using your address book to spread further, and it will alert you to the fact, that the worm has gotten into your system.

Here's what you do; first, open your address book and click on "new contact", Just as you would do if you were adding a new friend to your list of e-mail addresses. In the window where you would type your friend's first name, type in AAAAAAA, Also use address

Now, Here's what you've done and why it works: The name AAAAAAA will be placed at the top of your address book as entry #1. This will be where the worm will start in an effort to send itself to all your friends. But, when it tries to send itself to AAAAAAA, it will be undeliverable because of the phoney e-mail address you entered. If the first attempt fails (which it will because of the phoney address), the worm goes no further and your friends will not be infected.

Here's the second great advantage of this method: If an e-mail cannot be delivered, you will be notified of this in your IN BOX almost immediately. Hence, if you ever get an e-mail telling you that an e-mail addressed to AAAAAAA could not be delivered, you know right away that you have the worm virus in your system. You can then take steps to get rid of it! Pretty slick, huh? If everybody you know does this then you need not ever worry about opening mail from friends. Pass this on to all your friends.  -- Julie  

My first one is one that your site could probably use. There are spiders (internet programs) which collect email addresses by searching all web pages email addresses or for a mailto: link. These are added to the CDs of "over a million internet addresses" which are sent to spammers. A better idea now is to use a form or CGI which does not have the email address on the html page. Another option is to make your email address a gif image so that it can be easily be read by real people but not automatic programs -- Gandalf Parker  


PC Safari? Did you know that the browser used on the Apple can be loaded on the PC? The cover flow feature you get on itunes has been carried over? It makes it really swish, It will stay on my main machine. I will still be using Chrome on my laptop but the visual quality and power of Safari is unmatchable -- David Kellerman

DOS Web browsing:  If you have an older computer- or just want speed and no frills web browsing - Opera software ( have a web browser that does not use Windows.  Another advantage is that it is considerably less memory intensive -- Esmeralda Magnifico

If you get an email warning you about some virus or other problem and it urges you to "send this message to everyone you know" (or something similar then it is almost certainly a hoax.

When setting out to design your WebSite get some post-it-notes, write down the names of the pages you need to start with and stick them on a wall. You can then shuffle them around to figure out the best way of linking them together. -- Emily Peck Wimbledon England

Internet Tips :

7 R's BEFORE you forward a letter

READ IT! : Do you, seriously, want your name on a hoax letter? Moreover, some are sent out without being read (Ex. Researcher gets an inquiry and finds out it is a true report just sent out)
REALITY CHECK  - If it is a health warning or a virus, you will hear about it on TV or read about it
RESEARCH - 25 yr old petitions are being circulated; Congress passed a bill against tax n email in hopes of stopping inquiries on the bogus chain letter;
REMEMBER - Forwarded emails can not be counted/tracked.
REACHING - for your checkbook may be a reality as higher user fees could result if server/provider has to increase expense by buying more bandwidth.
RETHINK - before you add to a long list of forwards (learn to cut and paste).
REALIZE - that continued sending of chain/hoax letter could raise user fees (See SLOW DANCE at --  Hoaxbuster - NanB20

Web Page Production The Newbie Developer Building a website and you are using Microsoft Front Page or even Publisher. Most of the time newbie developers like to use these software because they offer easy to use wysiwyg templates. You just wrote a 3 page word document and you want to make it a html document for your new site. 

Tip Well first of all I would suggest a web master be hired, but if you have to do it yourself please just copy the content into notepad first. Then you just copy and past it into the html document with no formatting. Use CSS for formatting in HTML instead of the <font> tag. I would consider using Macromedia Dreamweaver as a development software to build your site. You will love your self in the morning.
John Catalfamo Webmaster Albany

Website Promotion

Search Engines are the single most important means of getting your Website noticed, however doing it wrong can get you chucked off for some time.  We inadvertently used the same word several times in a meta tag and it took us months to get back our rating with one of the really important search engines. --   Adrian Dnes

The words you have used as meta tag keywords should be included in the body of your text in the headings -- Davie

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