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Spots and Small Burns on Clothing: I'm known as someone who can fix anything, but, there are limits. If some spot is unfixable, I use iron on patches. Cut the burnt place out, cut a patch from someplace & put the patch around the patch & Viola! it's gone. Depends on the place, of course, the fabric. Can you sew it into a dart or a seam? Can you put a decorative patch on the area? See it as a challenge. Can the area be cut off & made into a shorter garment, or have shorter sleeves. Hope this gives you some imaginative ideas. -- bobby b

Clothing Tip: When replacing a button on an article of clothing, use dental floss to sew it on. Dental floss is almost impossible to break and I guarantee that button will never come off again. -- Jeannie Gabriel

To stop an Angora Sweater shedding. This follow-up is in answer to the question about how to get an angora sweater not to shed on dark clothes. Answer: Put the angora sweater in a plastic bag and then put it into the freezer for several hours before wearing it. I really don't know why this works but it does  -- Nancy Abu-Ayyash

To prevent Leather shoe from Fungus ~ Fungus attacks the leather shoes. When you return home clean the shoe with a cloth and then sprinkle some talcum powder on it. First wrap with newspaper & then put it in a perforated polythene bag. Shoe will be fresh. -- Mary F Hong Kong

Extend the life of leather shoes: You can significantly extend the life of leather shoes by applying silicone fluid, buy it by the bottle or get some from a chemist friend, Dow the chemical giant is the main manufacturer. Medium viscosity is best -- Steve Jones Pittsburg

Not just putting them on - Take care when removing your shoes. You can damage the back of your shoes over a period of time if you use the toe of one of your shoes on the back of the other to hold it in place while you pull your foot out. -- S. Jones


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