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Q: Chair Leg Bottom Protector   Is there an easy way to remove the bottom protectors on chairs? I assume they are driven in on production but I don't want to mess up the chair leg bottoms. I want to replace the buttons with rollers. Thanks, -- Bill Reply   (Ref:0684)


A: Chair Leg Bottom Protector. If the roller is smaller than the protector you can mount the rollers without removing the bottom protectors. Try drilling thru the protector and then drilling into the wood at a different diameter. If you chose the drill sizes correctly you should have a good strong mount. If the hole in the protector is large enough then you can mount the roller flush with the wood. Alternatively try a fine toothed hacksaw to remove the protector. -- Les Salvatore Chicago

Q: Dirty Cabinets. Hello, I'm going crazy trying to keep my cabinet doors cleaned. They feel grimy and sticky. My wooden kitchen set too. I don't know if it has anything to do with the weather here in Florida? Can you think of any help for me. Thanks. Reply  (Ref:0322)

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