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Tips on cutting down on CO2 emissions

Many of us tend to think that reducing your carbon footprint means compromising your lifestyle. However, it does not have to be seen in this light. You do not necessarily have to change your entire lifestyle to reduce your input on overall CO2 emissions. In fact, in the long run, you will be the one benefiting, as well as future generations.

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Public transport is a great way of cutting down on CO2 emissions as well as saving money and time. There are many reasons why you should trade in your car for the bus, money and time being the most obvious. Getting the bus can often provide a quicker journey than travelling by car, considering buses have bus lanes, especially if you work in the city centre; you’ll save time as well as money on petrol and parking.

However, if public transport is way out of the question and you travel long distances, then cars are fine as long as they are eco-friendly.

The latest frontrunners in technology have created low emission cars such as hybrid cars and electric cars, the most eco-friendly options out there. Hybrid cars use two or more power sources to operate the vehicle, achieving greater fuel economy and lower emissions than conventional vehicles, with the most popular cars being the Honda Civic, Honda Insight and Toyota Prius.

Electric cars are exactly what they say they are, and run solely on electricity stored in batteries. However, you can only achieve 100 miles before needing to recharge again, so it is only practical for short journeys.

Both electric and hybrid cars are expensive to buy but in the long run you save so much on running the car. There are also a lot of perks to owning one of these vehicles, such as tax relief for driving environmentally friendly, free parking within certain areas and the privilege of using carpool lanes even though you are alone in the vehicle. However, these need to be checked first as they differ from place to place.

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