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Q: Red wine stains on a white cotton shirt. How should I remove them? -- "David Faszholz" Reply  (Ref:0106)

Answer#1: Red Wine Stains . I heard that pouring white wine on red wine will remove the stain. Hope that helps! -- S. L. Hood  Feb 16 2006

Answer#2: Red Wine Stain.  I ran across your question on ask jeeves. Red wine stains= OXY Clean! Don't you know that by now! haha.......... also clean blood and ketchup/tomatoe  -- Charity Blevins Feb 14 2006

A: Removing Red Wine. Hi, My husbands grandmother showed me this trick. Hope it helps. I don't think it works on a real old stain. When you spill red wine or any kind of red juice you boil a pot of hot water. Then put the shirt over the sink (take it off first) and pour it on the stain. It works on tomato sauce too. -- Angela' . Sep 13 2006

Q: Skunk smell Twice during the past 3 months we have had a skunk who seems to like hanging around our back door. Our dog got sprayed the first time and the whole house smelled of skunk for weeks - the other day my husband went outside and he, himself was sprayed by a skunk - now once again the whole house smells again - it seems this oil transfers onto and into everything - even the clothes hanging in the front hall closet. Tomato juice does nothing! Can someone help us to get rid of this terrible smell? -- "Phyllis Giesen" Reply 27 Oct 2002(Ref:0317)

Answer#1:  Skunk Smell If you're trying to remove the skunk smell from your dog...try bathing him in tomato juice...works like a charm. -- Valerie Press August 10, 2004

Answer#2: Skunk Smell. I know this post in is like 3 years old, but I had to respond. I heard that
Massengil (yes! Massengill) works wonders! I think when I heard about it, the person recommended the Spring scent. I'd love to try it to see for myself!! -- S. L. Hood  Reply Feb 16 2006

Q: Moths.  I have these little moth like insects that are living in my kitchen. They were in the house when I moved in. They mostly stay in the kitchen area. They measure about 3/4 inch in length and have a similar wingspan. As it has warmed up outdoors, I am seeing more of these. I have placed cedar blocks in the cabinets, and I kill as many as I see. Any idea how to get rid of these? -- Stephen Greene Reply  

A:Re: Moths in the Kitchen : Dear Stephen, Once many years ago I had the same problem of tiny beige moths flying around the kitchen. In desperation I took everything out of the cupboards and found that the moths were coming from an old box of cornstarch where they were hatching out. In the trash, problem solved. Hope you find the source. --  Teresa West   Mar 12 2006

Q: Paint on Denim  How do I remove a latex paint stain from a pair of denim jeans?  Wendy & Charles Lum Reply 16 Mar 2004 (Ref:1027)

A: Removing Latex Paint from denim : I used Stain Devils Chewing Gum and Adhesive Remover. After I scraped as much paint off as possible, I used the Stain Devils product which dissolves the latex. I scraped more off and kept at it until most was removed. Then I laundered the jeans. This got it out. Use the remover in a well ventilated room or outside! Good luck. --   M L McKenna Mar 13 2006

Q: Dents in Carpet I am moving the furniture around in my formal living room and there are dents in the carpet where the furniture was before. How can I get them out? -- "AVA LOWERY" Reply 22 Oct 2002 (Ref:0814)

A: Dents in Carpet. Try rubbing with an ice cube. Saw this tip in a magazine. Good Luck. --  maureen frank Reply May 3 2006

Answer#2: dents in carpet.Try putting a damp towel over dents in carpet and a warm iron and just iron the indents away. You can try increasing the temperature of the iron, but be careful. -- Susan Geiser. Apr 15 2007

Q: How to remove blue ink stain out of beige carpet. Yes, I recently was cleaning out my waste can. I had already sprayed the wastecan with purple power (a cleaning solution). I knocked the waste can over and the blue ink ran out onto the carpet. I used Dirt Devil carpet shampoo on the spot. Now I have a huge blue streak/spot on my carpet. Please help me in this matter!  Reply  22 Feb 2004 (Ref:1039)

A: Stains on Carpets. I have found that shaving cream will remove most stains. Don't use  too much but it does take a bit of rubbing. Good luck. -- JOHN NARANJO  Feb 7 2006

Q: Hot pan on Oak Table Help!!! I put a hot pan on my oak dining table, and I need to know how to remove it. Can anyone help me? Thanks. -- Reply  (Sherry Leydig)  (Ref:0569) 

Answer#1: (Ref:0569)Hot pan on Oak Table Reply  You need to remove the black scorch mark, then re-colour the wood if it's stained. Try sanding the area very lightly with a very fine sandpaper. You can purchase a crayon-like colouring stick from some furniture stores. Sand an inconspicuous area first and try shoe nugget or coloured wax to put back the wood colour before trying it on the table top. Another tip is cigarette ash rubbed on with a soft cloth in a circular motion. I've never tried that one myself, but it's an old "Wives Tale" remedy. Has to be only a light scorch though. -- Kirsty Brown  

Answer#2: Hot Pan on Table. Try mayonnaise; something about the oil helps raise stains. Then you may have to sand and refinish, as the other person said (sorry!) --  Lauren Matheson  Feb 13 2006

Q: Cleaning outdoor furniture. What is the best way to clean PVC white plastic furniture to remove stains and dirt? -- Gail Boland gab2meqzameriReply (Ref:0250)

Q: Burn mark how can i remove a burnt mark on a blouse -- Reply 5 Nov 2003 (Ref:0945)

A: Burn Mark: I'm known as someone who can fix anything, but, there are limits. If some spot is unfixable, I use iron on patches. Cut the burnt place out, cut a patch from someplace & put the patch around the patch & Viola! it's gone. Depends on the place, of course, the fabric. Can you sew it into a dart or a seam? Can you put a decorative patch on the area? See it as a challenge. Can the area be cut off & made into a shorter garment, or have shorter sleeves. Hope this gives you some imaginative ideas. b -- bobbi koch   Reply Apr 21 2006

A: Burn Stains. Light burn marks can be removed by placing a dampened cloth with vinegar over the stain. Iron with hottest setting possible for the fabric. For white cotton, cover the stain with a dampened cloth of a water/peroxide solution and press a hot iron over the cloth. -- Clara' Sep 10 2006

A: Cleaning Patio Furniture:  I lived in AZ and our white lounger chairs (vinyl straps) would turn almost a dirty orange color.  Someone told me to wash them off with a garden hose and then set them in the sun.  Sounded crazy, but I did it and it worked!  I had tried all kinds of cleaners and scrubbing and everything!  Hope it works for you!  -- Joanne M 3rd Jun 2006- 

Q: Blacklisting Stolen Phones. If my mobile phone is stolen how can I have it blacklisted, I believe that there is a number that I should record to be able to have it this done- Curtiss McDonnell Saltash UK Reply 4 Jul 2006   (Ref:1202)

A: Blacklisting Stolen Phones. You should make a note of the IMEI number on your phone; you can find it by tapping *#06# into your phone or by taking a look under the battery. The IMEI - International Mobile Equipment Identity - numbers of mobile phones are stored in a database containing all valid mobile phone equipment. Axel Klystron Perth Scotland - 06 Sep 2006



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