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Q: Lipstick stain removal i dried some whites with lipstick in the pocket of a pair of pants, is there anyway to remove it from my clothes, if so how? -- lisa skibinski  Reply  1 Aug 2002 (Ref:0211)

A: Lipstick Stain. Try using alcohol. It worked for me. -- Samantha Rodriguez Jan 6 2006

A: Lipstick Stain. Vodka then in the wash. -- D Rowie Comment

Q: Boiled Sweets.  Where in Canada and the  UK can I buy the 'Old Fashioned' type of boiled sweets? -- Teena Swift Reply  28 Jan 2006(Ref:1181)

A: Boiled Sweets. Try the following for sources in the UK - 

Regards  -- Ricky Schmidt Glasgow UK

Q: INK ON ACTION MAN  My son decided he would 'tattoo' his action man with a ball-point pen. Now he wants the scribble removed. Suggestions greatly appreciated. John johnqztoomey99.freeserve.co.uk  (Ref:0551)

Answer#1: Ball Point Pen Removal 
Try using aerosol hair spray applied directly to the stain. ( I usually isolate the stain with an old cloth) spray it, leave it overnite and launder as normal. Good Luck! The cheaper the hairspray the better. -- j langelaan

Answer#2: Ink Removal. Hi, Try spraying him (the action figure) with hairspray, then scrubbing him with an old toothbrush. rinse under water, and repeat if necessary. -- Reply 06/09/2005 (Ref:1182)

Answer#3: Removing Ball Point Pen from Plastic Toys. Dear John, My daughter had a very expensive baby doll once that she scribbled all over in ball point pen. Nothing worked but after many phone calls to the manufacturer, one very kind employee rang me back with this tip. I didn’t actually believe that it would work, but it did in fact completely remove the ball point pen from the doll. What you need is “Oxy 10” pimple cream (I live in Australia so I don’t know what the equivalent outside Australia would be – some kind of 10 X strength pimple cream from the pharmacy I guess). You then rub this cream all over the toy/doll and let it dry. Then coat it again in the cream and put it out in the sun. The pen should just vanish. As I said, it worked for me but you might want to try a small area first.  I also used it when my daughter scribbled all over the plastic cover of a school book and it worked as well. Best of luck. -- Karen  Reply  01/11/2005

Q: Hair Spray on Walls.  No matter how carefully I am, when I sprayed my hair with hair spray in collects on my wall. How can I clean the hair spray off the wall without ruining the paint.  Beverly "It's all in the socks!"  Beverly Gulbranson  Reply 19/05/2005 (Ref:1132)

Q: Removing Hairspray  How can i remove hair spray from painted bathroom wall? -- Reply 23/01/2005 (Ref:1051)

A: Hair Spray Remover. Baby wipes !!!!! yes that's what i said, it works for me every time! -- Darleen Reply  30/10/2005

Q: Commercial Laundry Starch Removal  Anyone out there with shirts that are "glued shut" because of starch build  up? After using the same commercial laundry for 5 years and always asking  for "light" starch-I've been told that the starch has actually turned into a  type of glue. The proprietor confessed that someone obviously had put more  starch than necessary into my husbands shirts...and now he can't push his  arms through the sleeves and trying to wear the thing makes him sound as if 2  cats are playing in a thick new brown paper bag. How is it best to remove  this built-up starch? Help! STAT!  Thanks!  Desperate in West Tennessee!  Reply  (Ref:0449)

A: Starch In Shirts. I used a large pot (canning) with one gallon milk and water to cover for every two men's button down cotton shirts. Bring to boil simmer for one hour rest for one hour. Pulled the shirts rinsed in sink put in washer. -- Valerie Pinneo   Jan 13 2006

Q:  Cleaning velvet cushions.  Can anyone tell me the best way to clean Velvet covered cushions -- Ian Clark Reply  

A: Velvet Cushions. I used Woolite and a sponge with great success after vacuuming for about 3 days to get all the grit and dust out. -- Carolyn Canady  Jan 15 2006

Q: Candle Wax out of Berber carpet?   Hello, We would like to know how to get out candle wax out of Berber carpet? We are getting ready to move out of this house and would like to know how to get rid of the wax. Any thing would help thank you. Angela -- Reply  5 Jan 2003  (Ref:0912)

A: Wax in Carpet. In the event you haven't gotten a response to your question about getting the wax out of the carpet... i have the perfect solution for you ... or if you have already moved here is some helpful advice for the future.... lay down newspaper over the wax take a hot iron over the top of the newspaper and the wax will melt right into the paper.... same idea works for carmel and those icky fillings that come in valentines candys except don't use the newspaper use a wet towel... otherwise you'll just end up with newspaper and candy stuck to your carpet... hope i could help.--  Brandie W. Reply Feb 26 2006

Q: Shower Floor  We built a new house 3 months ago, they use a plastic floor now in the showers. My problem is where our feet are dirty when we get in the shower it stains it. I have tried bleaching it, using a bathroom cleaner, using Greased Lighting, even scrubbing with a brush but nothing takes it off. Does anyone know how to clean these? I would appreciate any help. Our shower floor look like it is already 5 years old.  -- Reply  20 Jul 2002 (Ref:0206)

A: Comet Bathroom Spray Disinfectant. Should help. www.pasternackstruevalue.com/17bacl.html  Starla Shaulis   Feb 25 2006

Anwer:Rremoving Stains from Plastic Tubs.Use Mr. Clean's magic sponge - works great -- J Rose Feb 25 2007

Q: Iron query. I was trying to find the best way to clean the outside part of the iron that is, the part that actually heats up and irons the clothes. It seems to have spray starch build-up. thanks, -- Reply (Ref:0195)

Answer#1: Iron Gunk Remover Tip --   I'm not sure where your from but in the US, WalMart stores now carry a product that removed the stuff from the underside of the iron.  The come in small 1 ½" to 2" tubes.  You heat the iron, put the stuff on the hot iron, wipe away stinky stuff (for me its stitch witchery since I quit using it) with a cotton cloth that can handle the heat.  Then when it cools down, I use a soap/water rag to clean it again.  This product at Walmart is usually where they sell the tub hangers and there are two tubes per package for less than $2. Also, peanut butter will remove gum.  It dissolves it.  I managed to fall asleep when little and my mom/grandma used it to get the gum out of my hair without the need for a buzz job hair cut! -- Cathi Catherine Banks 14 Oct 2003

Answer#2: Iron Residue. I just had this problem w/a brownish residue. I tried polish remover, Avon
skin so soft, and more. The solution was right in front of me! Liquid dish detergent was the last thing I tried and it work quickly and easily! I just put it on a warm wet cloth and wiped off the residue. Try it! -- S. L. Hood'  Feb 16 2006 


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