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From To Multiply by
gill(UK) pint 4.0
gill(UK) litres 0.1420
butt hogsheads 2.0
hogshead  US barrels 2.0
hogshead  US gallons 63
hogshead  Imperial gallons 52.5
tun hoggsheads 4
firkin Imperial Gallons 9
firkin barrel (UK) 0.24
firkin litres 40.915

The Hogshead: Traditionally the hogshead equalled differing amounts of ale (48), beer (54), cider (60), oil, honey or wine (63) or molasses (100)

Gill: The US gill is 4 fluid ounces or 180millilitres

The US barrel is less than the UK barrel at 31 US gallons or 117.3 litres. a UK barrel is 36 UK gallons or 163.7 litres.

We learn from history that we do not learn from history

- Friedrich Hegel

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