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Hi, I am Ashwaty Nair From India. Recently I visited your site and I simply loved it. It is an extremely helpful and useful one. Here are a few handy hints from my side. Hope you'll accept them:

  • To bring back the fluffiness in bed pillows, put them in the clothes dryer. The warm air does wonders in just a few minutes.

  • If an electric plug fits too tight and is difficult to pull out, rub its prongs with a soft lead pencil.

  • To clean a candle stand especially a glass one, place it in the deep freezer for one hour. The wax will chip off more easily .

  • Sprinkle a little boric acid on bathroom tiles before washing for economical as well as sparkling results.

  • While shifting residence, pack crockery while it is still wet. This way, the chances of breakage will be less.

  • To remove obstinate ball point ink stains, rub the affected area with a cotton bud soaked in eau-de-cologne.

  • To eliminate beer stains from woollen outfits, scrub the affected area with a mixture of lukewarm water and salt.

    Thank You and bye for now !!!!! --Ashwaty 
    Thanks Ashwaty -- Ed

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