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Beware the Dodgy Travel Agency - They can Ruin Your Holiday!

I consider myself to be a quite savvy traveller, however I was easily fooled by these people.

Their scammy system seems to work like this:- The unwitting traveller will book the flight and pay over the fare, fully expecting the agency to then do their bit and immediately pay the airline for the flight. This is certainly what I expected to happen, however NO... What actually happens, is that they provisionally book the flight but withold the money. The airline, quite naturally will after some time cancel the booking. Reading the accounts of other travellers they use a variety of excuses or none at all. In some cases they will send a poorly written confusing email asking for bank or credit card verification code. If the flyer checks the booking and finds that it is no longer valid then they will come up with some excuse and ask for another couple of hundred pounds or blame the traveller for cancellation and ask for a cancellation fee or both the fee and an increased charge.

Even when we discovered that they had not paid the airline and had been sitting on our money for a month without appraising us of the situation they tried to convince us that everything was OK and they would get us to our destination. They were reluctant to return the money

They seem to be working on the principle of cancelling the flights the customer thinks they have ordered and sitting on the money, expecting to book later when prices are lower, often being unable to find the original flight still being available and substituting other less suitable alternatives.

and giving endless excuses for not returning it.

My advice would be if there are problems, get out fast and book your flight with another proven agent or with the airline company direct, even if it is more expensive. Recovering the money you paid will be difficult and a lengthy process and they are likely to come up with creative reasons for not comlying with your requests. Failing to get away from their machinations is probably going to cost more. There will also be a major risk of disrupted or delayed or having to take earlier travel. Because they have booked later than expected they often put you on flights to nearby destinations not of your choice or as convenient as the one you chose.

How on earth do they get so many (suspicious?) positive reviews?????

Read the article by the Times Travel Writer, Duncan Craig:-

Beware of the Berry - it can can make you poorer

Would it be appropriate to warn your readers of a current Internet scam. Acacia Berries are the latest slimming fad and its feasible that they work. However there is an American Company advertising Acia Optimum on various linked sites with special offers. One is a free sample with customer just paying postage. However if you take up any of their offers once they have your credit card number they will take large amounts from your account on basis that you agreed to their terms and conditions and have signed to join their program/club. This is hidden away in a one liner amongst a lengthy screed on terms and conditions so is a 'legal' fraud and I am trying to stop others being fleeced as i was to the tune of nearly £200. Had to close account as Banks can't stop.....Thanks Tony -- Tony Lowery

Another Scam - UK travelers should avoid accepting a ten pound discount on their next trip on National Express buses, you could be signing up for a monthly direct debit of around £8.00 per month that is difficult to stop. The information about the monthly subscription is buried in small print. It always pays to check out the terms and conditions very carefully. The company operating the scheme is 'shopper Discounts and Rewards'. Beware! -- R Broadbent

More on shopper Discounts and Rewards. Since my last posting I have probed around a bit and been offered more of these deal from companies, most of which I would consider reputable organisations - Beware of buying over the internet from the following companies:- The Trainline, Expedia, Movie Tickets, Easy Jet, Allposters, Interflora, CT Shirts.

The way they got us was through a 'Continue' button that appeared after the transaction was complete. National Express must have passed on our credit card details to the company operating the racket. To have done this without my express permission should have been a seriously illegal act.

If you dig deep you can discover that the US parent company Webloyalty has been hauled up in front of a senate hearing but as yet nothing similar has happened in the UK - Check up on the

Checking up on the shopper Discounts and Rewards entry in Wikipedia - It starts with:- "shopper Discounts & Rewards is a thieving UK company based in Kent, England. Its parent company Webloyalty is based in the United States. They take money out of your account without your authorisation. Beware."

On the daily Mirror website there were comments by 90 victims who wrote in after they published an article on the company. Enough Said - R Broadbent Lincoln

The Getty Images Scam. We recently received a letter from Getty Images demanding £1,600 for an image on one of our sites. We had used an image that had come with a template we had purchased believing that it was royalty-free. Despite being a small not very good picture we decided to pay up but out of curiosity decided to check the internet first and found that we were not alone and that lots of innocent people were forking out large sums unnecessarily.

What to do: Obviously get the offending picture removed as soon as possible and either find one on Wikimedia Commons or purchase one from a reputable stock image supplier. Do not under any circumstances reply to the email or telephone one of the phone numbers or send any money. In the UK no one has been successfully prosecuted. Getty is simply trying it on. -- Albert Morrison AceIT

More Scams - The Non- resident Indian Scam

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