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Save on Heating Costs in your Home

Blitz every possible avenue to cut down on your energy costs

Loft Insulation

Many houses could benefit from more mineral wool in their attics. 250 mm or ten inches is about right.

Many governments will fund the entire installation and sometimes the sale price of the material, take advantage while the offers are there.

Smart Controls

Use a controller for your central heating or air conditioner that can both temperature and on/off times and thus provide the right temperature for the time of day; If you live in temperate lattitudes them 16 ° C is about right for the nighttime setting for most people, 17 to 20 degrees is a comfortable living room temperature, and when everyone is out of the house it can be lowered to to as low as 15. Battery operated controllers are available where a mains supply is unavailable or hard to wire in.

Hot Water Tank

New cylinders come with foam insulation which is extremely efficient and save around £40 ($60US) over an uninsulated tank. If you use electricity to heat thr water a timer switch is an essential.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Injected foam insulation can save between £120 and £150 a year and eliminate a condensation problem should you have one. One can sometimes get grants and assistance, especially the elderly.

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