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Saving Energy!

And save Money at the same time!

Ditch the Tumble dryer. It is the most wasteful appliance in most people's homes. It consumes as much energy as several hundred energy saving lightbulbs. What is wrong with the good old fashioned Laundry Line or a Clothes Horse or even a

Pulley Maid. Remember to turn your clothes inside out when you are drying them on a line, this stops them from fading in bright sunlight.- -DRC Leigh on Sea

A High Efficiency Boiler can cut your energy bills dramatically. Some are higher than 90% Many of the older type are around 50%. The new ones are also very reliable. Chose a Combi Boiler and you can eliminate the header tank in your loft. We changed over two years ago and saw our bills drop by almost half. -- Peggy McDonald Inverness Scotland

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