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Safety in the home

Electrical Safety Tip Prevent an electrical nightmare. Unplug all small appliances when not in use. Even an appliance that is not turned on, such as a hairdryer, could electrocute you if it falls into water in a sink or bathtub. -- Charles Stone

Slippery Bathtub: For the last month my housekeeper has been cleaning my bathtub with Windex. I have fallen four times ... read more

Heating water in a Microwave can be dangerous. There have been many instances of people being scalded by a cup of hot water 'exploding' after being heated in a microwave oven. Aparently the water can become superheated; where the temperature is raised above boiling point, then when the container is jarred or if coffee or an object such as a teaspoon as added the water suddenly boils violently.

Road Safety Tips for Parents, Teachers and Children.

1. Safety awareness should begin from childhood, as it is difficult to impart awareness to a grown up human. If safety awareness is imparted in childhood, safety will be a habit. So impart Road Safety and General Safety awareness to your children during childhood itself. Better, before the age of Six.

2. Video, Computer Games that simulate Racing should discouraged by parents as it will develop racing habit in children.

3. Don't allow your children to watch Motor sports especially Racing.

4. Cinema, Serials and Advertisements involving Racing, over speed / highly risky riding etc should be watched by children ONLY with Parental Guidance. Warn them about it's dangers when they are small kids itself.

5. Children below a certain age should not be permitted to do cycling in busy roads and in roads where heavy vehicles are plying.

6. Parents of children residing near busy roads should keep the Gates closed always.

7. Do not give cycles and two wheelers to your children until they are mentally mature enough.

8. Ensure that children use Helmet while using Two Wheelers.

9. Back seat riders also should use Helmet.

10. If Helmet is not available do not accept the offer for a lift.

11. Don't forget to fix the Chinstrap of your Helmet. Otherwise it will not help during an accident.

12. Ensure that your Helmet is of good quality meeting standard specifications. Otherwise replace it TODAY.

13. Most important method to prevent road accidents is restriction of speed. 90 % of accidents can be avoided by limiting speeds.

14. Always maintain safe distance with the vehicle in front.

15. Don't let your children to use mobile phones while driving / riding.

16. Ask your children to avoid listening to music while walking / driving / riding on the road.

17. Ask your children to avoid FM Radio, Media Players etc. while walking / driving / riding on the road.

18. When your family is planning a new Car, go for a Yellow or other bright colored one. Avoid the Black color as far as possible.

19. Buy ONLY Yellow colored Cycle for your Children.

20. Never drink and drive. Somebody is waiting for you at home.

21. Never use mobile phones while driving / riding.

22. Avoid long trips during night, as far as possible.

23. Insist that your child uses bright colored dresses, if your child is going for an early morning walk or cycling or walking on a road during night or if the lighting is poor due to mist or some other reason.

24. If you are driving at night, get refreshed at regular intervals by having a face wash or by having a cup of Coffee or Tea. Somebody should ensure that you are awake.

Gasoline fires: If you smell gas coming from beneath your car, never check under it with an ordinary light. If any gas falls on the light bulb, it could explode and cause a serious fire. Use a light with a protective surface instead. (Such as a plastic transparent cover).—“Adrian Mole”  

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