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Repair a broken or damaged fingernail. You will need a tea bag and some acrylic nail protector solution. remove as much as you can of the damaged nail and thoroughly clean and dry the bed of the nail. You must carefully cut out the required shape from the emptied tea bag, apply the solution to the finger and using the brush to dab it, attach the fabric. I used two overlapping pieces and ended up with what actually now looks quite like a normal thumbnail. The new 'nail' lasts for about a week or so and can then be reattached or replaced. My nail was almost completely gone after most of it fell off about a week after an accident with a hammer, half of the bed of the nail was then exposed.

I am now using industrial superglue instead of the acrylic and it lasts a bit longer and is a good deal harder. My doctor friend raised his eyebrows at the idea of using cyanoacrylate adhesive but said that he would probably do the same if he suffered the same accident. -- Carl Sullivan


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