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Removing Silly Putty

It is probably too late if you are reading this, but you should supervise young children when using silly putty.

The 'Experts seem to favor alcohol and scraping to get silly putty off clothes and fabric. Testing to ensure the solvent does not damage the fabric is also a good idea - Ed

Silly Putty on Couch

Q: Silly putty. I need suggestions on how to remove silly putty from the fabric of a couch. I have tried using another piece of silly putty to get it out, but without any luck. HELP -- Wilbur Edwards Reply  

Answer#1: We are not absolutely sure what will work but you could try applying ice or dry ice and breaking up the material ( the common solution for chewing gum) You would probably have to do it PDQ or the bits will soften and fall back in to the carpet. You could also experiment with cooking oil, white spirit or WD40 -- Fiona McIlroy  Please let us know if it works Comment

Answer#2: Silly Putty Removal from clothes or fabric. Alcohol is the best solvent. You may have to work both sides of the cloth. A plastic knife or spoon makes a useful scraper

Answer#3: Silly Putty  Put wd 40 on it let it sit for 10 minutes then using rubbing alcohol blot it until it is gone  -- Jensue

Answer#4: Silly Putty. I had silly putty all over my sheets bedding, son's pj's. I used GOOF OFF, similar to GOO GONE. IT WORKED!!!!! -- Nyeatesdds 1/11/08

Q: Silly Putty on Couch. Hi. Could you tell me how to get silly putty off my couch? Thanks -- RedX62. Reply  

Silly Putty on Carpet

Silly putty on Berber Carpety. We have silly putty on light color berber carpet, it is right in a door way, so I hate to experiment & maybe leave a bigger stain. It had been there quite some time before we discovered it--that may make it harder to come up??  Thanks. -- J Hammond Reply

Answer: Berber Carpet. In regard to removing the silly putty from my carpet - I tried the ice cube - nothing happened. I have some GOO GONE , it says not to apply directly to carpet, so I placed some on a cloth & blotted the silly putty -- It worked! Took a little effort but can't tell where it was! Thanks for your help anyway -- J. Hammond 

Silly Putty in Hair

Q: How to get Silly Putty out of my child's hair - Help --Janice Files Reply

A: WD40 works really well followed by a mild shampoo. -- Ashton Wylie Comment

Q: Silly Putty !!! Enjoying your site, but not finding anything about silly putty.
I have a wonderful, soft, fuzzy blanket with lots of silly putty on one end. How can I best remove it? Anxiously awaiting your Reply! --  Dianne Reply
28 Dec 2003 (Ref:0981)

Silly putty is a brilliant invention which, despite causing prpblems for a small minority can bring hours of fun to children and adults alike -- www.sillyputty.com. Silly Putty is an example of a Non-Newtonian substance or Ublik (Oobleck?). You can also 'Google "Viscoelasticity"

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