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Mobile Phones

How to Save Money and Time when shopping for a Mobile Phone

1) Choose carefully whether to go with pay monthly or pay as you go – the right decision could save you hundreds of pounds a year!

2) shop online using a price comparison website – You will save time and money by letting them compare all the deals for you.

3) Check for added extras on packages, for instance free texts on PAYG phones, or unlimited mobile internet on Pay Monthly phones.

4) Look for phones and deals that have cashback or free gift offers – by taking out a monthly contract with a free handset you could bag yourself a free iPod too, or even get upto £100 cashback when you order your contract.

5) Think carefully about the type of handset you want before committing to buy – the bright pink phone might seem like a good idea now, but it might not do in 18 months time, which is how long the contract might be for. - - Kimberley Howson

Pay attention to the signal strength indication on your mobile.

The power used by your phone can vary by as much as sixteen times depending on whether you are getting good signals from the local transmitter. Your battery will last much longer if you are in a good reception area.   Just stepping outside your car to get better reception can often double battery life (and halve the amount of energy zapping your head) --  Ed

Battery life of nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries can be extended by ensuring that each time a battery is used it is charged and discharged fully.  Most of us are unable to do this every time so try to make sure that it happens at least once a week.  -- Davit Merten

Get an Electronic Engineer to fit a couple of ferrite beads on the cable to your "hands free", that should stop the radio frequency energy travelling up the cable.  --  Sam Clark, Brondesbury, London

Antenna boosters are ten dollars wasted. At least with a copper bracelet you have some decoration.  -- Axel

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