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Another use for your Pizza Cutter - Everyone is using eBay these days so cardboard boxes are needed to post the items sold, I often find that the box I have saved is not quite the right size so a bit of modification is needed. Sometimes I even end up making the complete box so getting nice tidy folds is absolutely necessary, this is when a pizza cutter comes in handy; the rolling blade will make a perfect groove to fold along.

Tip to save washing your towels: When you go swimming or visit the gym take a face flannel or small hand towel with you, this is to dry your feet, and thus keep your main towel clean longer. Alexis vonFrank

Gum in Hair. To get gum out of hair without having to cut it, apply peanut butter to the gummed area and work into the gum. Then wash with shampoo. -- Corrie

Heatshrink Sleeving - Normally used for insulating wires, it can be used for lots of things, your reader used it for bootlace ferrules but I have used it on the end of rope, to replace grips on tools, insulating the shaft of a screwdriver. I even read about someone using a partially shrunk piece it to make a 'skirt' for a blowdart gun. -- Marek Renault London

A Cure for being Finned . When out fishing, if you get finned by a cat fish, pour any soda over it and it will stop the stinging and cleanse it at the same time......I know I tried it ;o) -- Gwen  

Sage advice.  Never invest in anything that eats  omeomy  

Sticky Key. To make your car or house key work better rub graphite from a pencil lead on it -- Gareth Schultz 18th Nov 2007

Your Site I just found your site today from a Linky and Dinky email dated December 28, 2001 (I'm just a bit behind in my mail). Love your site. Thanks  -- S Hobbs Oct 2002

Tip of the Day Today in Nerja, Spain where I live I saw what I thought was a really safe way of controlling 4/5 year old school children en route to their concert hall. The 40 schoolchildren were lined up in Indian File and a long chord extending from the first child to the last was handed down the column. They were then all told to grasp the chord with their right hand and trundled off down the walkway to their concert thus avoiding any single one wandering off and a better control for the teacher.  "Debbie Annan"

The answering machine as a reminder for appointments. When I am away from home, and someone tells me about a date and time for a meeting, I call home and leave the message on the answering machine. We keep a note pad by the machine and we are both very careful to write down messages. When I return home, I note the appointment on my kitchen calendar so I will not forget. My husband does the same thing from his office - especially if it is an early morning meeting and he will be going directly there from home. This also helps me keep my messages on the answering machine current. Some people have really long messages. Since I hear mine often, I know how tiring a long message can be. My message is short!! -- PTLewis

Poison Ivy

Fels-Naptha Soap Head off poison ivy by washing with Fels-Naptha soap after a walk in the woods or other possible exposure to poison ivy and other plants that give rashes. Washing with the soap can also greatly alleviate the itching and discomfort of bug bites received while out. I hear it's also great for cleaning & prewashing, but I haven't tried it myself yet. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to find. -- "T Bresnan"

Fibromyalgia.  I cured a horrible case of fibromyalgia by going on an anti-allergy diet. 

I was desperate from the endless and increasing pain and inability to do simple things like make the bed or even get out of it some mornings, pick up a pillow or go up and down the stairs. I couldn't close my hands. 

No starch, no dairy, no red meat, no coffee, no nightshades. The difference is miraculous. I can easily go up an down stairs, get down on the floor and up again, put my shoes and socks on easily, touch my fingers behind my back. No backaches, no ankle pain, sole of the feet pain, no stiff frozen hands, no searing pain in the hips or deltoid muscles, no knees giving out on me. And even better, I am not hungry, but have plenty to eat and lost 40 pounds. No matter what or how much I ate before, I was always hungry. 

I started getting better after about 1-2 weeks and know the weight was not a factor. I felt good after losing only a pound. I was aiming to be pain free, not lose weight. I no longer need to take elevators or pull myself up the steps one at a time. Nothing I gave up is more enticing than being able to move again and I will never go back to an eat-everything diet. And I use no drugs or pharmaceuticals with their horrible side effects. 

I try to avoid all food additives, dyes, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, etc. too as a precaution. I feel like I have my life back again. Maybe it will work for someone else too. --  Shirley Maul

Hello  If you rub pencil lead on your flute before attaching the pieces, the separate pieces will be easier to glide on. -- SoccerGirl2117

Chewing Gum on washable items (including children's hair)   Peanut butter rubbed into the gum will usually remove it from any washable item. If gum still remains after wiping off the peanut butter, just add more and work it in. Repeat until only an oily smear remains, which can be removed by soap or degreaser. If you don't have peanut butter you can also use mayonnaise or cooking oil. -- A Bryan

Gum in Hair To get gum out of hair without having to cut it, apply peanut butter to the gummed area and work into the gum. Then wash with shampoo. -- Corrie

Recipe Holder A handy recipe holder can be made by standing a fork in a glass. When the fork is turned upside down the recipe fits into the fork prongs. -- Dorothy A SCOTT

Put your hands above your head for a few minutes to cure hiccups (something to do with stretching the diaphragm). -- Wendy Quinn Kuala Lumpur

A microwave can be used to dry things.  Use an old microwave oven to dry trainers.  Use a medium defrost setting and put a small glass of water in with it to prevent damage to the microwave when the trainers dry out.  Do not put pets in microwave ovens  <o;) -- Dave Ed

To relieve cramp in the leg, stand in an empty bath with bare feet. My friend has suffered from cramp all his life and he says it works every time – Ian Richards, City Broadcast Installations, UK

Try turning down the lights an hour or two before bed-time; that way you will get a better sleep. When my friend suggested it to me I was very sceptical.  Believe me it works -- Ian McKenzie Sydney   Australia  

Toothache!?: if you have severe toothache use clove oil on a piece of cotton wool or try swilling your mouth out with peppermint oil!  -- Janie Hatzer    Feb 1999

Apply a small amount of talcum powder before shaving – wet or dry – Ian Richards, City Broadcast Installations  England

Use a piece of foam that is used as packing material or to make sponge hair rollers to wipe lint from clothing and furniture. Anon 

When job hunting always present yourself as a desirable commodity.   Remember that you are offering your very valuable self and your skills, certainly not asking or begging for work -- Stewart Carnegie, Palo Alto 1998

A piece of orange peel in rolling tobacco keeps the tobacco moist and adds flavor  -- Nigel Hartley, UK, Jun 98.

For a handy cleaning cloth for your glasses cut a piece of material from an old shirt or blouse. Pinking shears leave an edge that will not fray. Do not use tissue paper as it will eventually scratch the surface -- XCaliber

Essex Girls: If you have annoying marks on your white stiletto heels try to remove them with nail polish remover, if this doesn’t work use "Tippex" or spray paint.-- Sharon and Tracy,  London

Nail Polish Remover. If you don't have any nail polish remover you can use clear nail polish to remove your colored nail polish. Paint one finger at a time and quickly wipe off clear coat after you apply it. About two times per nail should take all of your polish off, this is much better than chipping it off piece by piece. -- Andrea Lundy

When going barefoot talcum powder keeps the feet from sticking to your shoes and aids comfort.- - Vanessa Echols Southampton England

Superglue lasts much longer if you keep it in the fridge.- - Vanessa Echols Southampton England

Be kind to Spiders: Save a poor little spider in the bath by buying a spider ladder. If you do not have one then a towel hung over the side will provide an escape. Spiders keep down the insect population within your home and this can dramatically reduce the damage done to books, soft furnishings and valuables. – Dave Ed Jun 98. (Note: Take care.  Some countries have poisonous spiders, they need to be treated with caution -- Editor)

Spider Ladder Dear hints and tips, I see on one of your pages - miscellaneous tips and pointers that you mention Spider -Ladders and that they can be bought. Would you know where I might be able to purchase one. -- Any help would be much appreciated.  -- Anna Mulrooney UK 9 Dec 2002 

To keep drains unblocked, always pour coffee dregs down the drain, it acts as a kind of sandpaper in your drains. -- Wendy Quinn,  Lumpur Malasia Nov99

Exam tip: To keep blood sugars up during exams take some sweets to eat when your energy starts to flag, even better, is to take dried fruit such as currents or sultanas, as the fruit sugars last longer and don’t give you the sudden energy rush. -- Simeon Dunsby

Body Hair: Unusually long body hair growing in the wrong place should not be trimmed with scissors.  Instead they should be plucked, regular plucking can reduce regrowth considerably.  Seek medical advice on hairs growing out of moles -- Martin Quimby, Southampton England

Prevent Windscreen Icing. A cup of vodka and a couple of drops of  washing up liquid in your car's water bottle can help prevent icing of the windscreen in winter -- Simon Spicer

In a really cold environment use mittens rather than gloves.   Frozen fingers can be identified and remedial measures taken before frostbite sets in -- Jimmie Stewart   Dunfermline  Scotland

If you notice your shoes are not their usual shiny selves, but you are in a hurry to leave the house, give them a quick wipe over with furniture polish to bring up an instant shine -- Vanessa Eijo, Southampton, England

Toothbrush Cleaning: Your toothbrush can be cleaned, sterilised and generally freshened up by immersing in hydrogen peroxide -- Martin Hinchcliffe

If a copper pipe joint is leaking, wrap PTFE (Teflon) tape around the male thread, then tighten the connector, and the leak should stop -- Robin Gill  Heston  England

If possible, always get someone to help you. It is surprising how another person can often spot obvious mistakes that you cannot see -- Robin Gill  Heston  England

Brazil Nuts: They are much easier to shell if you soak them in boiling water for a few minutes before cracking -- Comi

Subject: A Silly, Silly Tip!! Save on the high cost of hardback books by soaking paperbacks in water overnight then placing them in your freezer for a few hours Gerard Boden Must remember to put this one in the humor section Ed.

Keeping the kids entertained. If you have young children at home that love to color, then check out the free coloring book at -- Rene’ Leer

Misted Visor: further to the raw potato on the visor idea, some bikers may prefer to spit on their visors. this does the same thing - stops condensation from accumulating (at least on the inside) --  (Sonny Gill)

Re-using batteries. When flash batteries for camera run down, there is still enuff life left in them to run a remote for TV for long time -- jeff jackson


Digital Photography. If your digital camera has a black and white mode set it for 400 ASA or higher, mount the camera on a tripod, hold an 87 Wratten filter in front of the lens during exposure and get a black and white infrared look. -- Ron Breeze,  

Red Eye. This is caused by the flash reflecting from the back of the eye. To stop this either use a faster film and no flash, or if you have to use a flash bounce or angle the the light from the ceiling or wall. -- Y Chan, Sydney 

Family Photos. It is usually best to take photos of people in the shade, because you won't get such harsh shadows, and people squinting. Shade is more flattering to skin tones. -- S Ed

Film: If you keep photographic film at home it is best stored in the fridge as it extends its shelf life. Freezing film can extend shelf life by up to a year. -- Sheila Anderton.


sight savers make someone see again

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