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Problem of Ink Stain on Leather

Q: ink stain, how to get ink stain off leather? -- Judy May Reply (Ref:0565)

Answer #1: Ink on Leather. We use Premium Leather Care-"Ink and Stain remover." A product distributed by Stainsafe Companies, Riviera Beach, Fl. 33404. Try to find it at at good leather store or contact Riviera. It works great. -- jcoburn3   Comment

Answer #2: Removing Ink Stain To remove ink stains from cloth, or leather spray hair spray on the area and wipe off with a clean rag.  --  Judy and Lou Comment

Answer #3: Ink Stains  Hi judy, i use hairspray on ink stains and it takes them right out. sometimes i have to scrub a little but it does work, it also works on blood. a co-worker told me that. i hope you get your stains out. -- Tammy Teege Comment

Q: Ballpoint Ink on Leather Couch I have a Brand new leather couch. It has ballpoint ink on it. It's Burgundy. Please respond to this! Thanks, -- Nancy  Reply  Ref:0301

A: Hi Nancy saw your query on qznaz.com I am afraid it is bad news as almost every solution will bleach the leather.  If you can get a piece of the leather to experiment on or if you can use a part of the couch that nobody  sees then you could try methyl alcohol or sodium percarbonate applied with a cotton bud or an even finer pointed applicator.  if it bleaches then you could use a felt tip pen of exactly the right color to restore the leather color.

The alternative is a leather specialist or stain expert! Regards -- Axel P. Klystron Reply 

Q:  Ink Removal from Leather.  Trying to find out if anyone knows how to remove ink stains from a leather purse. Tried hairspray but it did not work. -- Annie Herron Reply (Ref:0059)

Q: Ball point pen on leather suite. My son wrote on our leather suite with a ball point pen. Any suggestion on what I can use to remove the ink? Thanks --  James Taiwo Reply  Ref:0152

Q: Leather with ink. I have a beige leather chair that has ball point pen marked on it. What is the best way to remove it? -- Gail Reply (Ref:0395)

Ball point pen ink removal  Dear Oz, My son make many ball point pen ink prints on our new brown leather upholstery. How I can remove it?  Reply  Ref:0586

Ball Point pen in couch!  My dog has just recently chewed up a ball point pen on our fabric couch. There is ink all over the couch in small little blobs. What should I use to get it out???  -- Charlie Cannon Reply  (Ref:0587)

Ball Pen Stains What is the best way to get ball point pen marks off car leather? -- Lori Langley  Reply (Ref:0635)

Q: Ball pen on leather  My daughter drew on our cars tan leather seats with a ball point ink pen. I am wondering if there is any way of getting that off without ruining the upholstery. Thank YOU! -- Justin Neese Reply (Ref:0719)

Ballpoint pen marks How can I remove heavily ingrained ballpoint pen markings from a "basketball" (not sure whether it's rubber or leather). Would appreciate your help. Thanks. Pat  --  Patricia Sallade Reply Ref:0761

Q: Ink stain on leather couch. I have a leather couch, and my two year old daughter drew on it. How do I remove ink stains from a leather couch. -- L D Hamiel  Reply Ref:0772

Q: Ink Stain. Hello, Someone's' blue ink pen leaked a quarter size stain on my caramel colored leather coat. Does anyone know how or what to use to remove it? Any info would be most appreciated. Thanks! -- Singer HiFlam Reply  Ref:0891

Q: Blue ink stain I have blue ink stain, and another blue stain (not sure if it is ink) on a white couch that is either leather or vinyl, how can it be removed. it is an old stain.-- Tasia. Reply (Ref:0700)

Q: Permanent ink stain on leather I have a permanent ink stain on my leather seat in my 2001 Yukon. Any suggestions on removing it? Thank you for any help! -- Chris & Teresa White Reply (Ref:0703)

Q: Ball point pen on leather I have a line of ball point pen on my leather seat in my new vehicle...I must have had a pen in my back pocket with the point side up! I have tried leather cleaner with no significant improvement. Cold milk was also recommended as a possible stain remover for pen...no luck there either. Any ideas on what to try next. My leather upholstery is cream so I need to be careful to not lift any color. -- Lori Kimes Ottawa Reply (Ref:0693)

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