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Tips and advice on Investment, Household Finance, Loans, Debt, Credit Ratings, Taxation, and more.

The best piece of advice available these days is - AVOID USING PAYDAY LOANS. Even if you are using them sensibly you are encouraging a business that earns much of their profits from exploiting vulnerable people. -- Hector Wang

The PPI Scam. For many borrowers, the cost of Payment Protection Insurance has increased the cost of borrowing greatly; many of the borrowers were coerced into taking up the insurance including some who were not eligible to benefit in the first place.

If you believe that you were misssold The first thing to do is gather all the facts together. You can either do it yourself or use a reputable company to do it for you, either way many PPI claims are successful, so do not let the loan company put you off - they will try all kinds of tricks but keep persevering. - R Stephenson


"It is OK sometimes to pull all of your money out of the equities market. Oh and please don't put my name on the Website" -- London stockbroker 

Mony a mickle maks a muckle. (small, insignificant contributions can over time add up to quite a lot) -- Old Scottish aphorism


Do not just accept that the rate of interest gives a true picture of the cost of the loan.  Ask what the monthly repayments are, then phone around and see what other companies are offering.  The APR is not always the true cost of the loan.  Most payment protection schemes can add greatly to the cost of borrowing and are in most cases almost worthless -- Dave Levitator

Household Finance.

   1.Keeping a record of all of your transactions, although taking a short while to enter, can save a lot of headaches and time later. A list checked against your bank statement is sufficient for those who are not financially minded.    2.Budget by putting by one twelfth of your normal yearly household bills in a bank account each month. Do this with items such as household insurance's,  gas and electricity, water, community charges, car insurance's and tax etc. When a bill comes in you can pay it with your mind at ease that the cash is there to meet the bill. Regards, -- Ian Richards. Jun 1999


Be wary of signing anything that isn’t properly filled in. Also don’t accept oral promises, get everything in writing. - Timothy White, London

Consumers. Always read the small print on the front and back of any contracts before you   sign them. Ask for explanations for anything you don’t understand, and if there is anything you don’t like in the contract don’t sign it until the seller has changed the contract and initialled the changes. Keep all the relevant paperwork such as contracts, guarantees, warranties, or receipts. -- Anon.

Don’t Buy large items with cash. Credit cards can give free insurance, and additional rights. - Sebastian Henderson, Guilford.


Income Tax Returns. Always remember to double-check your arithmetic. Remember to sign and date the return as well. - Anon


Independent debt counsellor are hard to find but it is essential to meet up with a trustworthy expert before attempting to take action on personal debt. Debt consolidation schemes can be very dangerous and can be every bit as pernicious as payday loans.

Credit Rating

Patience and discipline are the only things that can improve your rating.  Ignore the organisations who claim that they can clean it up overnite. 

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 " A little sincerity is a terrible thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal." - Oscar Wilde

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