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The Sober Life. 

On this Website you can read an interesting and useful account by an exceptional man who extended and improved the quality of his life. You can benefit from Mr Cornaro's wisdom and add years to your life expectancy,  health and happiness.

Luigi Cornaro lived near the city of Padua in northern Italy. Luigi or Alvise Cornaro lived to the exceptional age of 102. He was born in 1484

His restricted calorie diet enabled his long life despite suffering ill health in his earlier years.

In his Discorsi Della Vitta Sobria (Discourses on the Sober Life) he tells us how he achieved a happy and fruitful life through his discoveries.

He was a clear thinker and an able Engineer; in addition to the 'Discourses' he wrote a treatise on Architecture. A commited didact he was eager to benefit mankind with his discoveries and ideas.

It was not until the latter part of the 20th Century that scientific proof of his ideas were produced. Experiments with rats clearly show that what this remarkable man was saying almost five hundred years ago is not only true but very relevant to those of us who live in prosperous societies,

From a Portrait by Tintoretto

More on Luigi Cornaro:- . Keyword searches "Alvise Cornaro and "Luigi Cornaro" 



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