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Career Hints and Tips: Advice on Interviews, Job-hunting, CV's, Communication skills, and more.

Writing a Resumé :

  • Get the key information on the front page. Try to keep it to one or preferably two pages.

  • Make it professional. One or two fonts. 12 point print is about right. Colored paper and graphics are not usually helpful . 

  • Bullet points are useful for listing your qualities.

  • When sending it thru the mail use a large, preferably a full size envelope. If hand delivering use a transparent binder or simple folder.

  • Keep it single sided.

  • Before you submit it do a spell check.

You can use a separate sheet to list experience or technologies. This is very useful if you have a lot of experience.

Impress the Boss? No actually it is his boss you have to impress. If you are ambitious then make sure that he recognises your worth, but try not to let the guy you actually work for see you as a threat. -- Sharon Luther

When job hunting always present yourself as a desirable commodity.   Remember that you are offering your very valuable self and your skills, certainly not asking or begging for work -- Stewart Carnegie, Palo Alto

Use positive words, you can download a list of such words from the internet (search criteria "positive words" career jobs)

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